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'Troubles in the world!'

Dear Saints,
We are serving a living God and all those who know us, know exactly what our heavenly Father has done and has been doing in our life.Still we faced difficulties and people tried to touch our reputation. It is NOT us which matter in this Ministry, but the Lord Jesus Christ and HIS holy Name !
The Lord has entrusted me with great treasure from His Word and about many important subjects, which are necessary for every believer and also nonbelievers.
The Lord gave us a Word of Prophecy that HE will go before us and fight for us; we believed the Word which was spoken by TWO independent believers. NOW we are facing a terrible situation not knowing how it came to be. We are praying and want to ask you to PRAY with us. STAND on the Word of the Lord and His promises. Claim the protection of the Almighty God, our heavenly Father for us. Rebuke the enemy and keep us covered with the precious blood of Jesus. Remember that JESUS IS FAITHFUL even if we were not faithful; we TRUSTED HIM with everything. We will update you as soon as possible, believing "...If it be so, our God Whom we serve, is ABLE to deliver us..." Dan 3:17.
We want to give thanks to the Lord for all of you, dear believers in Jesus Christ; may He be glorified in our life...Amen