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Contact Us and Schedule

Communicating with us could help us to give you more and important information about ICOM and explain few points, like, why we don't publish pictures, Videos or else.

Please feel free to contact/write us through our E-mails:
Feedback to our messages should be sent there too, or through the Contact Box down (Please write your Name, E-mail, commentary, and question or Feedback)

Please inform us about what the Lord has done in your life since you started visiting our Website; your feedback is necessary for us. Also let’s know if you want us to pray for you or for somebody else or add your name to our Mailing List in order to receive our Periodical Message, Ministry Reports and else.
If you want any material from us, please lets know in an E-mail; soon we are going to put it online so you could download it directly from this page.
We have flyers, brochures and else about Islam but also our Christian faith in different languages if you want to have definite amount to use for your Church, Prayer Group or Evangelizing Events.
Please order the amount and it will be delivered to you in time.

1. you know it? 
2. Islam and Immigration
3. Islam and Jihad
4. Changing the heart of man
5. Reaching the heart of man
6. God's Dealing with His People.

Schedule (Not published yet)
Please see our 3-month Schedule here in case you want to take part in our activities. Before Easter we will publish our new schedule and if you want to take part in any of our activities please inform us as soon as you could. We have only limited places and those who cooperate with us offer limited accommodation.

Contact us

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