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Our Ministry


After serving the Lord God for over thirty five years, the Lord entrusted us with this Ministry. Although the Lord originated and put the idea in our mind years ago, we preferred to work with other believers to serve Him worldwide. Especially on the international level it was necessary to cooperate in order to organize an Outreach. But the responsibility had to be carried by everyone, which was not always the case, thus this step of faith.

International Christian Outreach Ministry is a Ministry born out of long experience of spreading love, peace, teaching and outreaches in many countries. Our main goal is to preach the TRUTH and to inform people about God’s grace and His love towards them. Our God is: “The living God, Who gives us richly all things to enjoy” 

We want to help people to live in peace, love and respect: To love others as they are, live in peace with them and respect their 'way of life'. It is important to stand on this simple foundation and let love work; with time it will show its effect WITHOUT violence, coercion or killing.

We do our best to connect believers from different countries or organizations through different activities and programs.

Thus our conduct towards all believers, no matter which ‘denomination’ or religion they belong to, will be of love and respect. We believe in One God, the created of heaven and earth, and Who sent us ALL prophets.

Our activities are many, but currently we do the following: we hold Seminars about the Foundational Principles of Faith, teachings about the same subjects in different countries, or Prayer Groups and Humanitarian Organizations. We also hold Seminars about Islam and its history. We share our testimony about HOW the Lord saved us, through miraculous healing and revelation of His Word.

Our work with refugees in Iraq, especially widows, orphans and elderly, sick people, and abroad is currently a main task and we visit and help them, collect donations, like clothes, food and money and hand it over to them. We distribute milk and pampers for babies and medicine for sick and elderly people; widows and orphans have priority in our Ministry.

But we also hold ‘Spiritual Time’ with the refugees in which we teach them from the Word of God, pray for them and encourage them to read the Word of God. Simply, we do what the Lord would have done under such circumstances, and we do it only out of love.

We want to help people to start THINKING and to know WHY they are on earth and WHO put them there and WHAT will happen when their life on earth comes to an end and AFTER that too.

We are called to SERVE, HELP and to LIVE a holy life; that is why we are a Ministry, that is to minister to or serve others.

You are welcome to our Website and you could contact us through different ways, like E-mails, calling or writing us letters.

ICOM- Director General



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