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24/7 Prayer Request-- JHPH
(Jesus Highland Prayer House)

Prayer is one of most important weapons we have, dear believers in Christ Jesus, as you know, thus the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ to us is to PRAY!

We and our 24/7 Prayer Team -- Jesus Highland Prayer House (JHPH)-- are praying nonstop for all those who ask us to pray for them but also interceding for those who do not believe.
Putting your prayer request here gives us joy if you ask us to, and we believe that all those of the Body of Christ will keep you in their daily prayers too. This interesting point we would like to add: THE POWER OF PRAYER can change you and we believe that God gives only three answers to prayer: 

1. 'Yes! ' 
2. 'Not yet. ' 
3. 'I have something better in mind' 
God still sits on the throne, and the devil is a liar. 

You might be going through a tough time right now but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that you cannot imagine. Keep on praying in Jesus holy name!

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#  Praying with multitudes starting today Wednesday July, 17th

1. Join us and pray ‘Almighty and Merciful Father, I am finished fighting my own battles and agonizing to resolve my own problems. Instead I seek Your divine power and assistance to help me in my turmoil. Please, dear Father, fight this battle for me, whether it is financial or emotional. Speak Your command, O God, and defuse my conflict; send Your word, O Lord, and heal my situation. I trust in Your invisible power to do what I cannot do – to soften hardened hearts, to comfort troubled souls, and to calm tempestuous waters. Help me oh Lord to be a blessing to as many people as possible. Through Your invisible Spirit, guide me to people and let me utter that what You put in my mouth; oh Lord I want to see invisible souls be saved. Amen
2. We are reminded through Your word, dear God, of the mysterious ways of Your dealing with mankind, and especially with Your People; help us oh Lord to hear Your voice daily, to walk with you daily and to be filled with the Holy Spirit daily. Give us wisdom from above to deal wisely with our daily affairs and to live a godly life reflecting Your glory.
3. We continue receiving messages and calls from different Christian families asking for prayer and support, please stand with us and pray for all those suffering because of Jesus’ name. Ask the Lord to keep them under His continuous protection and to provide their needs. We claim in Jesus holy name sufficiency for all those in need; may He the King of Glory be their daily Provider.
4. The Lord is faithful to us and no matter where we go, His Presence is felt; we give thanks to the faithful God Who keeps His promises and provides enough provision, healing and deliverance. Unit with us and give thanks to our God for His Open Heaven, for His Spirit and for every faithful servant He sent our way.
5. When Paul wanted to go to Asia the Lord directed his feet to Europe, please continue praying for Europe asking the Lord for forgiveness to all those who deny Him through words and deeds. Pray especially for Austria and all those living in it, claiming Open Heaven and Mighty Moving of the Spirit of God. Pray for Awakening Austria, all those who were present, but also those who were touched through the Outreaches. Also remember those active organizers and claim protection for them and their efforts to serve the Lord. 
6. A spirit of confession is moving around for a long time and many in the Church seem to be ‘not aware’ of it. We ask you please to proclaim the name of Jesus DAILY upon yourself, your family and the Church you go to. Ask the Lord to open your eyes, and the eyes of those called by His name to be able to discern. Claim the power of the Word of God for all those serving Him and live as Jesus did, always watching where God is at work and JOIN Him. 
7. Looking around we see a world in turmoil and things are happening, whether natural, like floods and earth quake or on the political level; please look UP to heaven where our Lord is seated AND WE WITH Him and pray. Our Calling is to do God’s Will and not to solve the world’s problems; we should be LIGHT in a world of darkness preaching salvation to all who want to believe. Our Calling is to look up to the Author of our salvation and keep His commandments; the troubles and tribulations in the world are there because of sin and the deeds of sinful man. We pray and declare ‘Do not be troubled and don’t fear; trust the Lord’. 
8. With the inauguration of a new Bishop in Qara Qosh we ask for your prayers for him; the Lord is telling us that HE is in control. Claim wisdom for the new Bishop and protection too; he is living in a very dangerous environment. We pray that the Lord will help us to continue our cooperation with all those responsible in the Church in Iraq and we claim harmony and understanding in love. Please pray for every Christian in Iraq, especially those with higher responsibility; our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH is keeping them covered with the blood of Jesus and claiming protection.
9. Finally the Lord prepared many activities for us, whether in Iraq, Jordan, Europe or the States; please be united with us when we claim wisdom in all our dealing with others. In Jesus mighty name we ask our heavenly Father to keep us focusing on the essential, that is preaching Christ and connecting people to Him. We ask for provision, both heavenly but also physical and trust the Lord won’t let us in need; as a faithful God, He promised to provide ALL our needs.

#  Testifying about ICOM in Iraq and preaching in Nitra, Slovakia 

On this Monday, 15th of July we ask those cooperating with us to join our prayer in preparation for our service in Nitra, Slovakia. Our mighty and wise God opened the way and He has given us a Word for the believers there. We claim wisdom from above, not only for ourselves, but for all who would be present; o Lord guide us through your Holy Spirit and let the Word you've given cleanse people. Use this opportunity to open NEW doors for us in order to serve you among your people. Use our testimony to speak to people and put compassion in their hearts; yes, we need financial support in order to do your will. Open our eyes to see you at work and encourage us to join you; in the name of Jesus. Amen.

#  Reaching out to the lost and evangelizing in Brno, Czech Republic

The Lord blessed us in Vienna, Austria between July 1st-8th and on returning we met a dear brother, Milan P. in Brno,CZ. Today Sunday, 14th of July we are asking every believer to join our prayer for the coming Evangelizing and Preaching in Brno on coming Saturday, 20th of June. We trust that our God will use our presence, as He did end of April, to touch and save people. Claim as many souls as possible to the Lord and ask for an open heaven. Our 24/7 Prayer Team -JHPH is claiming the ground for our Lord as well as Guardian Angels. We ask our Lord to let His Holy Spirit move, touch and convict people; we have the assurance HE WILL BE THERE to glorify Jesus. We cry 'Oh Lord, give us simple, but piercing words to pierce the hearts and conscious of those who do not know you. Use our simple word to open the minds and hearts of people and to humble them to confess their sins and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

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