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24/7 Prayer Request-- JHPH
(Jesus Highland Prayer House)

Prayer is one of most important weapons we have, dear believers in Christ Jesus, as you know, thus the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ to us is to PRAY!

We and our 24/7 Prayer Team -- Jesus Highland Prayer House (JHPH)-- are praying nonstop for all those who ask us to pray for them but also interceding for those who do not believe.
Putting your prayer request here gives us joy if you ask us to, and we believe that all those of the Body of Christ will keep you in their daily prayers too. This interesting point we would like to add: THE POWER OF PRAYER can change you and we believe that God gives only three answers to prayer: 

1. 'Yes! ' 
2. 'Not yet. ' 
3. 'I have something better in mind' 
God still sits on the throne, and the devil is a liar. 
You might be going through a tough time right now but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that you cannot imagine. Keep on praying!


# A Proclamation for the New Year

Many have thoughts and ideas about the year to come, thus begin to promise themselves to do this or that this. We, from ICOM, do it differently and today Tuesday January, 1st start with a biblical proclamation: "The earth is the LORD'S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein" Ps 24:1
Of course we wish everyone cooperating with and helping us a prosperous New Year, but most of all we want everybody to remember that ALL what we have is the Lord's. Thus our prayer will be in agreement with the Word and Will of God; we declare 'You are the Eternal God and we thank You for every moment You've decided to give us.Thank You, oh, dear Heavenly Father for Thy beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour; help us to be ALWAYS thank to You. We claim in Jesus mighty name YOUR promises; may they be fulfilled in our life and used to bring You, oh, precious Lord, ALL honour and glory. Yes, YOU alone are worthy to be praised. Help us to walk with Jesus, not falling behind Him, nor running ahead of Him, but walking WITH Him. Finally we ask You for the Guidance of Your Holy Spirit; may He continue teaching us YOUR Word and reminded of every Word our Lord Jesus said. Help us, oh, Father, to be those obedient children YOU wants us to be.AMEN.



# Praying for ICOM in Iraq

Are you praying for our Ministry and the people we are serving in Iraq? Are you willing to 'invest' your time and pray while we are helping widows and orphans and supporting the needy? Today Saturday December, 22nd is an opportunity to join others, including our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH, and to pray. Pray that our heavenly Father would give us a peaceful time while serving Him and His people. Claim peace for the Persecuted Church and ask the Lord to fill the hearts of believers with His Peace. Proclaim in Jesus name, as the Angels proclaimed when Jesus, the Saviour was born 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men" Lk 2:14.
May your Christmas be FOR and FILLED with Chris...Amen.

# Did you pray while we were in Iraq?

It is our great confidence that believers like YOU were praying for us, while we were serving the Lord in Iraq. Today Sunday December, 16th we want to ask you for prayer. Yes, we had a blessed time with Pastor Bashar in which we discussed the need for a Christmas Celebration for children. Our goal was to help three Churches to organise a celebration thousand children; St.Zina Church is one of those Churches. The need is great and Pastor Bashar managed with our financial help, to rebuild their Church which was destroyed by ISIS. We prayed together and agreed that they'll receive the needed money...somehow!
We need YOUR personal prayer to intercede for such action; pray for the children to see JESUS and not us as The Provider. Pray that we would have a peaceful time while celebrating together. Ask the Lord for provision and help if you want to and could. Jesus is Lord and we trust HIM to protect us; your intercession is a comfort for us. 

# Helping Christian orphans and widows in Iraq

We are glad that our Lord provided for the need of His people thus we will be going to Iraq and want you to ask you today Thursday December, 13th to pray. Pray for protection and guidance in Jesus holy name, claiming favour for us. Ask the Lord to guide us as necessary to help His people, especially those in dire need like orphans and widows. Proclaiming His name upon our Ministry and service and claim revelation of His Person for many. We are leaving family and loved ones and helping others in need in obedience to Jesus; may His name be glorified.

# The world is waiting

You should be going outside on Friday December, 14th to reach out to people and to proclaim the Gospel of Peace to the world, though some might not be there. We encourage you today Wednesday December, 10th to PRAY for your going out and joining others. A Team is going to Iraq to hand out donations to Christian orphans and widows as well as organise a Christmas Celebration for the children; keep them in your prayer too. Join others and pray, through your phone, coming together or messages/SMS and claim many souls for the Lord. Salvation is given to everyone who confesses his/her sin and repent.

# We are going to the world again

If you couldn't make it last time, please join our prayer for coming Friday December, 7th--- yes, we are going out tomorrow Friday December, the 7th to reach out to the world. We need your prayer; just join our 24/7 Prayer Team Jesus Highland Prayer House and claim as many souls for the Kingdom of Light. Pray that the Lord would bring us those whom He's touched and claim wisdom. In advance claim the ground for Jesus and ask the heavenly Father for protection in Jesus mighty name. We thank everybody praying, joining us or remembering us in their daily prayer.
# Were you there?

Unbelievable but true but the Lord made it possible for us to hold our 4th Gathering on Sunday December, 2nd!!
Praises be to our God today Tuesday December 4th for allowing us to continue serving Him and other, gathering Unto the Lord and giving the Holy Spirit the freedom to touch, heal and reveal. Your prayers are appreciated and your coming too. Please be ready, bring your Bible with you and PRAY until our next Gathering on Sunday January, 6th 2019!


# Going to the world and evangelizing 

Finally we have the permission to reach out to people every Friday morning until Christmas and we thank the Lord for opening the door for us. We prayed and waited for a long time and trusted our Lord Jesus to OPEN the door, which He finally did, and as usual, just in time. So today Monday November, 27th we ask every believer to join our prayer. We claim the ground for God's Kingdom and proclaim Jesus name upon every spot we walk on. We cover the ground with the precious blood of Jesus and ask our heavenly Father to keep it protected and guarded by His Guardian Angels. Claim as many souls as possible for the Kingdom of Light in Jesus holy name and remember to pray for us and all those coming to join our effort. All you faithful continue uplifting us up and praying for us, claiming PEACE upon all joining hands to spread the Gospel of Peace. We pray also for Update and we want everybody informed about God's mighty work.

# Contacting, Connecting and Coming together

We were mightily blessed in Iraq with a Team from Open Doors Germany and the Lord is faithful and His promises are true. Following His guidance we are planning to go to Vienna, Austria in order to contact leaders, connect with other Churches and prepare for next years Event: Awakening Europe in Vienna. We truly need every believer to join forces and pray thus asking you today Tuesday November, 22nd to join us and other believers. Be vigilant and pray steadfastly not only for ICOM but especially those cooperating with us. Ask the Lord to let that Unity in Spirit, which He asked the Father for to become reality when we meet. Claim true humbleness for everyone we are going to meet starting with us; we need brokenhearted believers full with compassion. Ask the Lord for open heaven and His mighty Presence; ALL what we need is JESUS. May the Eternal Spirit make us aware of the ONLY need, that is to be in HIS Presence and be ready to be guided by His Spirit.

# Back from a War Zone 

What we did NOT expect, happened and our Lord has changed our perspective since leaving Iraq! We need time to digest and absorb every we and the Team from Open Doors Germany have experienced. We are in prayer, daily solitude, but we need more time ALONE with Jesus. Please today Friday November, 16th join our 24/7 Prayer Team Jesus Highland Prayer House-JHPH and pray. Pray that the Lord will guide us the way He's decided for and help us continue helping persecuted Christians. Claim clear Vision from Heaven for all involved and most of all Contrite Spirit in order to be like Jesus: ALWAYS available when needed. We claim in Jesus holy name that what 'Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man' WILL be visible, possible to hear, imaginable and touchable to us. In faith agree with us and say AMEN.

# Visiting Al Qosh

After visiting many returning Christian refugees and helping them through the Word, prayer and handing them some donations, we prayed for our next step, that is visiting Al Qosh-- the place where Nahum the Prophet lived and until this day was buried. Thus we ask every believer in the Saviour to join our prayer, because we'll be driving, literally, through 'Enemy Territory'. We must pass through Mousel and other towns and villages controlled by Shiite Militias train, financed and supported by Iran. Some fasted and all prayed with us for safe travel mercies and we asked the Lord to 'make us invisible to the enemy' and 'to put favour, even in the hearts of those who intend to harm us'. May today Saturday November, 11th be a day of breakthrough and may our faith be strengthened through the Presence of our Lord Jesus and the guidance of His Holy Spirit.

# Did you remember to pray?

The Lord prepared the way for us to fly back to Iraq after serving in the United States and today Wednesday November, the 7th we ask all faithfuls to join our prayer. We are expecting a Team from Open Doors to join us on Friday, the 9th and with them we are planning multi-visits to different liberated Christian territories and also to City of Mousel. Please pray and ask the Lord for protection for all of us, because the situation is escalating again and some ISIS Jihadists are attacking again. Join our daily prayer and ask the Lord to guide us through the day; we only want to do His will and be a blessing for others. Claim wisdom from above to use the little donations we received the right way. Yes, many are in need but we want to give to those who dearly need help and can't afford anything. Pray for our 7-members Team; they did a good job until now and we believe they'll manage difficult situations alone.

# Another Gathering

Be encouraged to pray for our coming Gathering on Sunday November, 4th and ask the Lord to bring those whom HE has chosen to be there. Claim protection for the place, for our minds and for all those coming together; in Jesus holy name we claim the place to be a HOLY spot to proclaim God's Word. We also ask for open eyes and open ears for those gathered unto the Lord; may heaven gate be open to power grace upon grace upon all of us. Oh Lord, remind us of your goodness, while gathered unto the Lord and let the power of forgiveness fill us and overflow in the might name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

# Giving thanks

We want to give thanks to our Living God today Thursday November, 1st because He was with us the whole time while in the States. Join our prayer and thank the Lord because He is with us, providing protection and giving wisdom from above to direct our feet. Special thanks we give because He opened NEW doors for us to serve Him and His people; unit with us and ask Him to keep those doors open. Continue praying with us also for the near or far future services. We want everybody to pray for the Midterm Election in the United States; claim victory against the powers of darkness in Jesus holy name. Proclaim the name of Jesus upon every household, city, town or village and claim the ground for Jesus Christ. We know America needs Jesus, and Him alone in order to fulfill its calling.


# Holding a Seminar at the Republican Headquarters

Prayer could achieve more than we imagine, but not everything as many might think. We thank the Lord for opening the door to serve Him in Columbus, NC and to share about Islam, it's effect on society and how to counteract that effect. Thus we are ask every believer to join us today Tuesday October, 23rd in our prayer. Yes, we want people to come to the Seminar and we want the Word o God to touch their hearts, thus pray. Pray that many would come, especially those who need to hear from the Lord. We are asking our Jesus to touch the hearts and to open the minds, so people could hear HIS voice. We are praying that the organizers would be blessed and that our Lord open NEW doors for us to serve in the future. Ask our Lord for safe travel mercies and protection and keep us in your daily prayers.

# Testifying before Veterans in Asheville, North Carolina

It was a blessed time in Tennessee and the Lord used our presence in Red Boiling Springs, TN in such a wonderful way, that we had time to talk to the Pastor and others. We prayed for many and during the Service the Presence of our Lord was felt by everyone present there. Then the Lord brought us safely to North Carolina to speak to Pastor David W. and then go to rest. We were praying and waiting upon the Lord and we have other services during the coming days in Asheville, NC as well as Columbus, NC. We ask you today Monday October, 22nd to pray with us that the Lord would prepare the way by giving us wisdom and the right message. Ask our Lord for guidance in every step we take according to His will and plan for our stay in the States. We claim protection for our minds and bodies in Jesus holy name and submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit; join our prayer for protection and keep us covered. Also pray for those responsible leaders to be wise, guided by the Spirit and humble to receive what the Lord has given us. 

# The Lord is taking us back to TN to serve
We were busy serving the Lord, contacting people and preparing few things, including the new book ‘God’s Family and His Dealing’. We had new contacts concerning holding Seminars, also about Islam, or testifying about what Jesus did in my life. But we are going back to Tennessee to serve the Lord and His people and today Thursday October, 19th we are asking you to join our prayer. Ask the Lord for safe travel mercies and protection; ask Him to keep the place where we will serve protected through His Presence and the cover of the blood of Jesus. Pray for us that our lips would be anointed in order to speak LIFE in the midst of God’s people and see them ‘baptized’ through the Word. We also pray for NEW doors to open in order to share the Vision we have from the Lord for believers in the States.
# We have services in North Carolina

We came to the States to serve and the Lord opened ways for us to serve His people. We will be busy serving Him this coming weekend on Saturday and Sunday, thus we ask you today Wednesday October, 10th to join our prayer. Pray in Jesus holy name that the Lord would bring enough people to hear our message; ask Him for protection for those attending the Service. Claim protection for their minds and ask the Lord to open their spiritual eyes so they could see what HE has prepared for them. We ask our Lord for humbleness, for guidance in love and for anointed Word to impart to the people what JESUS has prepared for them. Lord Jesus guide us according to your own will, through your Holy Spirit and touch your people in your holy name we pray Amen.

While serving in Tennessee
To all of you dear believers in the Saviour we want to appeal today Tuesday October, 9th and ask to continue praying for us. Yes, the Lord is so great and merciful and we can experience it DAILY when an NEW door is opened. We see His hand in everything, for example when we went to Nashville, TN. We were praying while walking around Downtown and it was hot; people were 'busy' living their lives...but, so it seemed, none of them was fearing the Lord. Evilness could be seen everywhere, but we PRAYED and did NOT condemn. Proclaim with us the name of Jesus upon us and everywhere we go; claim the ground you walk on for Jesus and help to set people free by praying for them. 
We have more Services coming, including one for tomorrow evening at 5:30 pm, so pray, take authority and proclaim the name of Jesus.

Pray for our service in Tennessee
The merciful God brought us safely to the States and we've already had some contacts, messages, phone calls and visits. We ask you today Friday October, the 5th to pray for our trip to Tennessee, where we are going to teach, preach and hold a Seminar. Claim in Jesus holy name safe traveling mercies and open doors; proclaim His protection upon us and cover us with the precious blood of Jesus. Ask the Lord for guidance and claim special anointing in Jesus mighty name.

Prayer for Pastor Andrew Brunson

Our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH continues to pray for Pastor Andrew Craig Brunson, from North Carolina, and also for his family; it is nearly TWO long years since his arrest. We always remind the believers to continue praying for him because we have FAITH that our Prevailing Prayer would achieve much. Today Wednesday October, the 3rd and we were on our way to the airport flying to the States when the following news reached us. Please join us and our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH and claim liberty for Pastor Andrew Brunson; his family needs him too. Claim comfort for the family as well as favour in the hearts of the authorities. Rebuke the spirit of injustice and confusion and claim JUSTICE for him in Jesus mighty name. Please also encourage others to join our DAILY prayer for Pastor Andrew Brunson.

US pastor's lawyer lodges appeal at top Turkey court
A lawyer for the US Pastor Andrew Brunson, whose two-year detention in Turkey led to a bitter row with Washington said on Wednesday he had appealed to the constitutional court for his release. Pastor Andrew Brunson has been under house arrest at his home in the western city of Izmir since July and was previously held in jail after being detained in October 2016 on terror-related charges. His lawyer, Cem Halavurt, told AFP that he had applied to the court on Tuesday afternoon, although he previously said he would apply on Wednesday morning. The next hearing in Brunson's case is on October 12 and there are growing expectations that he will be permitted to return to the United States. Halavurt said the constitutional court "procedure can take a few months" after making the application via a court in Istanbul. Brunson, who ran a small evangelical Protestant Church in Izmir and lived in Turkey since 1993, is at the centre of tensions between Ankara and Washington.
He faces up to 35 years in jail if convicted on charges of carrying out activities on behalf of two groups deemed by Turkey to be terror organisations -- one led by US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen who Ankara says was behind the failed 2016 coup and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Pastor Andrew Brunson and US officials insist he is innocent of all charges. Relations were further strained after he was put under house arrest and Washington's decision to impose sanctions on two Turkish ministers, and double steel and aluminum tariffs in August, sparking a dramatic fall in the value of the Turkish lira. But there have been signs that tensions could ease after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was hopeful Turkey would release the pastor while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday said he hoped Ankara could rebuild relations with its NATO ally.

Prayer for our trip to the United States
Today Monday October, the 1st we from ICOM want to encourage all of those cooperating with us to keep us in their prayers. We will be leaving to the States on Wednesday October, the 3rd to serve the Lord and His people. We are facing many challenges, not only because of our decision to move the Mission House in Erbil, Iraq to the Christian Quarter of the city. Our Team in Iraq is active fulfilling what they were supposed to do and we received photos and more about their activities, which will be published in our Ministry Report Erbil. In Central Europe we started Gathering every first Sunday of the month and the Lord blessed us through His mighty Presence. In the States we feel challenged because of what we could SEE in the Spiritual; many are NOT willing to give up their ways and follow The Way---that is Jesus!
We need a real BREAKTHROUGH to continue, thus we ask you for your prayer. Pray that Churches would commit to supporting our Mission in the United States of America and DO as commanded/revealed by the Lord. Pray that LOVE will prevail without any bitter feeling, envy or jealousies; claim the Unity of the Spirit in Jesus holy name. Claim open doors and favour in Jesus holy name, because we faced some GREAT obstacles. Only because of Jesus and those Prayer Warriors we prevailed, thus we encourage you to continue praying.


Gathering unto the Lord
The merciful God helped us through very difficult circumstances, as the brothers in Iraq informed us and now while in Central Europe we will be gathering again. We call upon all believers today Monday September, 24th to join their hearts and pray for our coming Gathering unto the Lord on Sunday September, 30th. We received very positive reactions from many places, especially from believers who were praying for us and that encourages us. In Jesus holy name we proclaim holy touch to all those, whom the Lord wants to bring to our Gathering. We proclaim Unity of the Spirit in Jesus holy name and ask the Lord to touch and reveal the secrets of the hearts. We ask the Lord for HIS mighty Presence; oh, Lord may the Holy Spirit have the freedom to be LORD in the midst of those gathered. We ask you, oh, holy One, to touch, break, shake up and sanctify; reveal Yourself in our mist and confirm the word we speak in Jesus holy name. Use this Gathering, oh, God, to shake up all others who gathering in your name, but refuse the Holy Spirit His place, as Lord in their midst. Humble everyone, oh, Jesus, who rebels against you, deny your Word and grieve the Holy Spirit.

Weather in the USA
While remembering September, 11th and the victims of Islamic Terror, we sent a Prayer Request from our Ministry today Wednesday September, 12th asking believers worldwide to pray for people affected because of  Hurricane Florence. It has hit most of the Southern States like North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee...etc. and has killed at least 36 people, dumped up to 36 inches (91 cm) of rain in parts of North Carolina since Thursday. At least 16 rivers remained at a major flood stage, with three others set to crest in the coming days in North Carolina. It could cost the East Coast more than $170 billion and damage nearly 759,000 homes and businesses; your prayers are need. Such damage and cost could make Hurricane Florence the costliest storm ever to hit the U.S. in terms of property loss. Please continue praying and remember we, from ICOM will be travelling to the States soon; claim protection for us and open doors to serve the Lord.

Gathering Unto the Lord
We asked you before to pray for us and for our Ministry and we continue asking every believer in Jesus to fervently pray for us and our Gathering on Sunday, September the 2nd.
It is the will and desire of our God to align us to the Way He's chosen and just follow Him in faith; isn't it written 'The just shall live by faith'?
We encourage you to claim the ground we'll be gathering on for Jesus Christ and cover the whole place with His precious blood. We are proclaiming the name of Jesus upon the place and those who would gather there and claiming miracles and wonders. We trust the Lord to guard the place with His Angels and filled it with His holy Presence, through the Holy Spirit. May the living Christ bring HIS chosen ones to come and gather 'unto the Lord' and may He guide us while serving. And please spread the Word: Every FIRST Sunday of the month at around 4 pm we will gather, have fellowship, pray, read the Word and break bread.

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