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Beloved in the Lord Feedback is very important because it encourages the believers when they see or hear about the mighty work of their Lord. And though we know that God is always at work, it is something special to hear from our brothers and sisters about what He was doing in their lives. It is also important to see Jesus glorified; all what the Holy Spirit does is to do just that. When you inform us about what the Lord did in your life, then OTHERS could rejoice with you…and glorify the Lord. We encourage you to let us know about what was happening in your life and how the Lord touched or spoken to you. If you experience Jesus, let others know it!

# Because of what is going on in Kirkuk, Iraq right now a brother from Kirkuk sent us this Feedback to remind us of TRUTH and what Islam could do. 
Despite the promise of the Prim Minister Al-Abadi, that they will not attack the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan, the Central Government of Iraq, support by the Public Mobilization Militia (A Shiite Militia trained by Iran) DID attack around midnight on Monday, 16th of October. Thousands are fleeing to the North for safety and Christians are again in the midst of a NEW war. You should not forget the Christian history of Iraq and PROTECT yours from the evil of Islam.
We publish it today, Monday, 16th of October and ask for your prayers.

Christianity in Iraq 
The Christians of Iraq are considered to be one of the oldest continuous Christian communities in the world. Christianity Christianity was brought to Iraq, then Mesopotamia, during the Apostles’ Era, in the 1st century AD by Thomas the Apostle and Mar Addai (Thaddeus of Edessa) and his pupils Aggai andMari. Thomas and Thaddeus belonged to the twelve Apostles. 
Iraq had a population of around 2 million in 1878 during the final years of the Ottoman Empire and in 1957 around 6.3 million, just a year before the toppling of King Faisal and declaration of a Republic on the 14.July 1958. 
The vast majority of Christians in Iraq are Eastern Aramaic-speaking ethnic Assyrians; these are the people of ancient Nineveh. However, there is a very small community of Armenians too; these fled the massacre of the Turks during First World War in 1915 and after it. The Muslim population in Iraq was growing very fast and in 1977 they were 12 million and in 1997 the population reached22 millions. Christians numbered about 1,500,000 in 2003 before the fall of Saddam’s Regime, representing just over 6% of the population of the country; down from 12% on 1947 in a population of 4.7 million. They numbered over 1.4 million in 1987 or 8% of the population, which was then numbered16.3 million. After the Iraq War and the toppling of Saddam Hussein in 2003, it was estimated that the number of Christians in Iraq had dropped to less than 450,000 by 2013 - with estimates as low as 200,000 because of the on-going slaughter of Christians by different Muslim Militias, both Sunni and Shiite. The last estimation of Iraq population in 2009 was 31.6 million making the Christian in their own country as a ‘minority’ with less than quarter of a million!
Chaldean Catholics, formerly 'Nestorians' (Church of the East which denies they are Nestorian), are the majority among the Christians of Iraq, but there are other denominations too, like Baptist, Adventists and other Charismatic Churches. Christians live primarily in the Capital Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Erbil and Kirkuk and in Assyrian towns and regions such as the Nineveh Plains in the north.
Christians in Iraq are not allowed to proselytise, especially to Muslims neither are they allowed to own/carry weapons. Muslims, who change their faith to Christianity, are subject to societal and official pressure and persecution, which may lead to death penalty, as the Quran and Hadith (Teaching of Mohammed) teach. However, there are cases in which a Muslim will adopt the Christian faith, secretly declaring his/her apostasy. In effect, they are practising Christians, but ‘legally’/officially Muslims; thus, the statistics of Iraqi Christians does not include Muslim apostates to Christianity, which is estimated as a high number, like in neighbouring Iran.

# We received this Feedback from a brother in India, asking us to pray and support him and the local Church in their efforts to help local people and spread the Gospel of Peace. We publish it today Wednesday, 11th of October and ask for your prayers and support in Jesus holy name.

Projects of “Ray of Hope Charitable Trust—Champasari”

Our heart goes to those poor children who never had an opportunity to go to school due to poverty, negligent parents, alcoholic and abusive parents, orphans, children born in red light areas, street kids, rag pickers, child labourers and children from poor and backward community. We also want to help the school dropouts due to various reasons by bringing them in main stream. Many of these children are grown up and cannot attend regular school due to their age. Due to that we want to bring them to our home and educate them in Non-formal school which will help them to complete their courses in less time under an Open Basic Education program started under the Human resources department of Government of India. For us to start this project we are praying for the help so that we could build the home and school and start the school as per our proposed program. This way many such children will be benefited and many of them will be rescued and can become doctors, lawyers, engineers, missionaries and so on.
Since our organization is not able to develop these schools, we are praying for the help to build the infrastructure of the schools and other needs. By doing this, many poor tribal children will receive education and help which will transform their future. Right now we are running a school in a small building in Darjeeling and Naksalbari where tea garden labourers children are provided education in very less amount. Many poor children are benefited by these school and they are receiving very good education. 
We realised that indigenous missionaries are more effective in carrying out mission work. Since India is land of diversity with many languages, cultures…etc. even missionary born in India is not effective in all parts of India. Thus we saw the need to train and raise more and more indigenous missionaries to carry out the mission work in India. We are praying for help to run these schools so that we could raise and release hundreds of missionaries in Indian mainland which has almost 18% of world population with many unreached people groups.

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