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Beloved in the Lord Feedback is very important because it encourages the believers when they see or hear about the mighty work of their Lord. And though we know that God is always at work, it is something special to hear from our brothers and sisters about what He was doing in their lives. It is also important to see Jesus glorified; all what the Holy Spirit does is to do just that. When you inform us about what the Lord did in your life, then OTHERS could rejoice with you…and glorify the Lord. We encourage you to let us know about what was happening in your life and how the Lord touched or spoken to you. If you experience Jesus, let others know it!

A move at the right direction in Germany is see as ‘wrong’—THIS is the spirit of this age. We from ICOM received this E-mail and information and decided to publish it today Friday April, 27th encouraging EVERY Christian to stand for their Christian identity. WHY should the Cross, which represents the Power of God, be not shown in public, when Jesus tells every believer to carry his cross and follow Him? We pray that many will follow this example, not matter which motivations politicians and others might have.

German state orders all government buildings to display cross to reflect ‘cultural identity’

The German state of Bavaria was plunged into controversy on Wednesday April, 25th after the regional government ordered Christian crosses to be publicly displayed in all its official buildings. “The cross is a fundamental symbol of our Bavarian identity and way of life,” Markus Söder, the regional prime minister said in a statement. But opposition leaders denounced the move as unconstitutional and claimed Mr Söder was trying to politicise religion ahead of regional elections later this year. The move was compared to the religious policies of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erodgan, and a leading Roman Catholic theologian accused Mr Söder of “using Christianity to exclude people of other faiths”.
It comes amid heated public debate over the role of religion in Germany society. Angela Merkel publicly rebuked her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, earlier this year after he claimed “Islam has no place in Germany”.
But Mr Seehofer, who comes from Bavaria and is leader of Mr Söder’s Christian Social Union party (CSU), has refused to back down over the issue. The CSU is the Bavarian sister party to Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) - but they are deeply divided over the issue.The German constitution guarantees official religious neutrality and religious symbols are rarely displayed in government buildings. But Mr Seehofer and other figures on the political right have argued that Germany has a “dominant culture” which is Christian. Mr Söder hailed the decision to display crosses as a “clear commitment to our Bavarian identity and Christian values”.  The cross “stands for elemental values such as charity, human dignity and tolerance,” he said.

Many# An E-mail from India sent by Pastor N. Immaniyelu reached us today Tuesday April, 24th and we decided to publish it immediately for the urgency of the need. We ask everyone who has a heart to support such Churches in need to pray for the believers there and to contact us as soon as possible. We cooperate with many Churches and Christian Organizations and trust that the Lord will open the way and that Bibles in Urdu language will reach the believers soon than we expected. Claim the same in Jesus holy name and continue praying.

The E-mail started with these words “Greeting to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ…” then came the request after some information was presented and facts/numbers stated.
Our organization is established in 2010. Register under society act XXI of 1860 Society No: 148….We serve the poor and orphan children in our surrounding areas through our Lord Jesus Christ. We are preaching to 25 remote village surrounding Katlampudi areas. Myself and along with me 15 pastors all are working without any support. But these Pastors and I completely depending upon the faith. We are doing our services independently, so please remember our ministry and give your co-operation
and your prayer support for us. I and our pastors are praying for you and your Ministry.
I would like to ask you, please pray for our ministry needs.

Ø We need support of Church planting, evangelism, Orphanage.

Ø We need plant Churches in 25 rural villages.

Ø We need bore well project in 50 remote villages and provide clean water.

Ø We need a sound system and materials etc.

Ø Please pray for the Orphans. Please provide food, clothing, medicine, shelter, Purchase the land etc. We have 15 Orphans. Please pray to build the Orphanage.

Pastor N.Immaniyelu
Punjab, Pakistan

From Pakistan Pastor Shahid Kaleem wrote us on Thursday April, 19th informing us about the progress of the Church’s work in Punjab but also mentioning the needs. They need Bibles in Urdu but also other literatures and they are willing to even translate flyers, tracts and books/booklets to Urdu. Please pray with us and ask the Lord for provision; proclaim abundance for these believers and protection. Cooperate by any means you have and support spreading the Gospel in Pakistan; we are willing to arrange a trip to hold Seminars and Teaching Events in cooperation with the local Church and Pastor Shahid K.

“We greet you in the name that is above all names and soon coming King Lord Jesus Christ… Our main purpose is to provide Word of God to as many people as we can. We translate the Bible stories book, Bible based books, booklets, Tracts and distribute absolutely free to the deserving people who are unable to buy it… We are reaching to the unreached people and spreading the Word of God to the hungry and thirsty souls…

We need New Testaments and Bibles in Urdu if you can, please do it because the Word of God has power to change the lives of the people.

We have lot of request from those people who does not have the Word of God but have desire to have it and read it


Pastor Shahid K.

Many in the United States do NOT see it, but it is slowly but surely coming not only in Europe! We received this Feedback as an E-mail and decided to publish it today Tuesday April, 17th asking you to pray with us and ask our God for awakening.

Muslims given say as New York City drafts surveillance guidelines

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City has pledged to listen to suggestions by Muslim groups when it drafts new policies for investigating political activity, part of a settlement over police surveillance conducted after the 2001 World Trade Center attack.
The agreement, announced on Thursday by both parties after two years of talks, also requires the NYPD to send high-ranking officials to meet with members of the New Jersey-based Muslim groups that brought the suit against the city. As part of the 11-page settlement, the NYPD pledged that it would conduct no investigations motivated by race, religion or ethnicity, in keeping with current regulations. “The resolution of this case affirms and enhances the NYPD’s commitment to conducting effective investigations to prevent crime and terrorism,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said in a statement.
The Muslim groups filed suit in U.S. District Court in Newark, New Jersey, nearly six years ago, demanding that the city police stop surveillance of mosques, businesses, college campuses and other gathering spots as part of its anti-terrorism campaign.
Farhaj Hassan, the lead plaintiff in the suit, said in a statement that the settlement was "part of a broader effort to hold this country to account for its stated commitment and its obligation to uphold religious liberty and equality.”
The NYPD, which admitted no wrongdoing under settlement, had pursued an aggressive surveillance program after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks that sent undercover officers into Muslim neighborhoods, organizations and mosques. Mayor Bill de Blasio ended the program shortly after he took office in 2014. The NYPD agreed to consider any proposed revisions suggested by the plaintiffs to new policy guidance now being drafted. The settlement has not yet been approved by U.S. District Court Judge William Martini, who has presided over the case, the parties said. But attorneys for the plaintiffs said they expected the judge to sign off on it. Under the agreement, the city also will pay the plaintiffs $75,000 in damages and $950,000 for legal fees.

This E-mail reached us Sunday evening, 1st of April and we just share it with you and ask for your help. IF you can provide such Bibles, please lets know in time to inform those believers from New Gospel Church.
Dear Beloved in the Lord,

Dear brother,
I bring greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, We have shared the good news of the Kingdom to Souls in the remote Villages, Schools and also Orphanages and the new one which will operate soon as well.
The problem we are having now is the inability to provide Bibles to beloved Souls in need. There are 24 Aged Souls in need of God's Word and I am appealing to you to help these people in need of God's Word. It is my prayer that you will send us 24 Giant Print Bibles KJV for these Souls.

God Bless you; I do hope to hear from you soon.

#On the first day of our arrival in the States Sunday, 1st of April we want you to please pray for the following, which we received as a Feedback from Turkey:

1.The Kurtuluş Protestant Church of Malatya has an average Sunday attendance of forty.  Unfortunately, its building was recently vandalized when an assailant threw a brick through the display window. However, this was recorded by a security camera, and the guilty person was soon arrested. Please intercede for the continued blessing and protection of this small body of believers.

2. Pray for training opportunities, growing maturity and God’s protection for the nation’s rising generation of new Church leaders.

3.In January, US officials announced plans to support a sizable force of Kurdish militants along the border of northern Syria. President Erdoğan said, “A country we call an ally is insisting on forming a terror army on our borders. What can that terror army target but 
Turkey?” He followed by saying, “Our mission is to strangle it before it is even born.” 
Ask the Lord to intervene and bring about a lasting peace between Turkey and its Kurdish neighbors. Pray that the two peoples will be truly reconciled in spite of their troubled past.

4.Turkey has now invaded the Afrin region of Northwest Syria in an effort to expel Kurdish fighters and create a twenty mile security zone. Carried about over the protests of the United States, this marks a new low in relations between the two NATO allies. In fact, NATO may be losing Turkey to the much larger Shanghai Cooperation Organization led by Russia and China. The SCO has grown enormously and now includes approximately half of the world’s population. Most of its military exercises are held in Central Asia. Intercede for God’s guidance in Turkey’s military and political future.

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