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24/7 Prayer Request-- JHPH
(Jesus Highland Prayer House)

Prayer is one of most important weapons we have, dear believers in Christ Jesus, as you know, thus the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ to us is to PRAY!

We and our 24/7 Prayer Team -- Jesus Highland Prayer House (JHPH)-- are praying nonstop for all those who ask us to pray for them but also interceding for those who do not believe.
Putting your prayer request here gives us joy if you ask us to, and we believe that all those of the Body of Christ will keep you in their daily prayers too. This interesting point we would like to add: THE POWER OF PRAYER can change you and we believe that God gives only three answers to prayer: 

1. 'Yes! ' 
2. 'Not yet. ' 
3. 'I have something better in mind' 
God still sits on the throne, and the devil is a liar. 
You might be going through a tough time right now but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that you cannot imagine. Keep on praying!


# Please join our 24/7 Prayer Team and pray with us today Wednesday, June, 10th trusting the Lord and having faith. Encourage others to join us and to encourage their Churches to pray as needed.

1. After returning from the States, we felt our hearts were heavy and our prayer time was increasing; revival will NOT come to unsaved people, but to repentant believers. Join us and pray that the Lord will touch our hearts and bring us down to our knees. Pray that preachers would motivate ‘the sheep’ to go—daily—to the green pasture and fresh water. Pray that we would ask the Lord to help us HOW to pray…in Jesus holy name.
2.   Our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH wants you to join them and pray ‘Dear Father in heaven, thank You that You love me and accept me as I am; help me that this ‘I’ of mine will vanish and only the ‘I AM’ of Yours will increase. Thank You for making me according to Your own specifications – 
with just the right gender, colour, size, shape, voice, personality, and attributes. Help me to appreciate myself as YOU made me, and NOT as the world wants me to be. When the pressure to conform weighs heavily upon me, help me, Father, to be the person You created me to be and to only seek to please You.
3. Our prayers will continue for those persecuted for the sake of Christ; be faithful to the Body of Christ and PRAY. Remember those in bondage because of their faith and intercede for them AND for their persecutors that they would come to repentance.
4. The situation in Iraq is getting worse every day and Christians felt the tremors coming from Baghdad; nearly every Christian candidate to the Iraqi Parliament lost in the May election! 
Pray that the peace of the Lord would abound in their hearts, despite injustice and irregularities as declared by the Prime Minister himself. Pray that the ONLY Just God would keep them under the Shadow of His Wings and bless them HIS way.
5. The efforts to rebuild Christian homes are going on despite lack of real financial support from the Iraqi Central Government, local authorities or International Community. Pray that the Lord will be the ONLY Provider for His people, by giving them favour despite the darkness surrounding them.
6. Leaving Iraq or our Mission House there and the one in Central Europe is not easy, neither is paying expensive tickets to fly to the States is easy. But it is a Calling by the Lord and a Vision given by Him and NOT our personal decision. Please join us and pray for guidance of the Lord and wisdom from above. Pray that we would see Him putting favour in the hearts of believers, leaders and preachers to commit in helping us do God’s will. Stand with us in committing yourself, your Church or Ministry to helping fulfil the Calling and spread the Vision; your Feedback is essential.
7. We were actively meeting leaders, praying with them and seeking God’s Face trusting Him to keep us in the light. It is our heart’s desire and commitment to serving our Lord Jesus and His people and reaching out to the lost. Rend your heart in prayer for the LOST, claim cleansing for the Pulpit in order to preach the PURE Gospel of Christ and nothing else. Millions are going to hell because there are NO intercessors; Jesus is crying because our generation is responsible for the lost in THIS generation!
8. We know that Jesus keeps us protected and makes us invisible to the enemy; still pray for our protection in FAITH claiming the Covering of His Blood and the protection of His Holy Spirit. We are facing new challenges because of new regulations in Iraq; as an Iraqi citizen I could even be prevented from leaving the country if I don’t have the NEW ID. It is nearly impossible to get it through a normal, bureaucratic way because of corruption and the danger of going to Baghdad. Pray fervently that the Lord would keep the gap open until we fulfill our Calling in Iraq. Be ready to partner with our Team there and continue supporting them.
9. The enemy is always trying to prevent us from doing God’s will; he is called the Adversary and the Enemy--- the Accuser… Satan. Stand with us and pray in Jesus mighty name against all the schemes of the enemy, especially in sowing division between brethren serving the same God. Claim humbleness for those of us serving the Lord and those supporting us, rebuking the spirit of jealousy and pride. Claim the power of the TRUTH through the Holy Spirit to silence every accuser; we DO humble ourselves before the Holy God and ask for forgiveness in case we hurt others through words or deeds.

# The Lord prepared the way to go and serve Him in Iraq and we thank Him for helping us to do the work in Europe before travelling there. Please join us today Thursday June, 7th and pray for protection; yes, we trust the Lord and He is our shield, but we need your prayer to cover us. The situation in Iraq is changing and it is not getting better, thus our call for prayer for our nation as well as the Church in Iraq. 

# After a long while the Lord prepared the way for us to take part in a Conference in Vienna, Austria on Friday, June, 1st and brother Franz from FCJG (Free Church Youth Mission) was overjoyed that we could come. We intended to meet leaders, discuss our work in Iraq and the coming Evangelizing Event in August in Vienna. Please join our prayer and claim peace and harmony during the Conference; pray that the Presence of the Holy Spirit will be evident. Ask the Lord for humbleness and wisdom for all participants and claim protection in His holy name. 

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