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24/7 Prayer Request-- JHPH
(Jesus Highland Prayer House)

Prayer is one of most important weapons we have, dear believers in Christ Jesus, as you know, thus the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ to us is to PRAY!

We and our 24/7 Prayer Team -- Jesus Highland Prayer House (JHPH)-- are praying nonstop for all those who ask us to pray for them but also interceding for those who do not believe.
Putting your prayer request here gives us joy if you ask us to, and we believe that all those of the Body of Christ will keep you in their daily prayers too. This interesting point we would like to add: THE POWER OF PRAYER can change you and we believe that God gives only three answers to prayer: 

1. 'Yes! ' 
2. 'Not yet. ' 
3. 'I have something better in mind' 
God still sits on the throne, and the devil is a liar. 
You might be going through a tough time right now but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that you cannot imagine. Keep on praying!

Today Monday May,14th we are calling every believer to join our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH and thousands other in their prayer for Muslims worldwide. We want you to stand in the gape and claim salvation for millions of Muslims who are living in darkness and have no TRUE knowledge of Jesus the Saviour. The fasting month Ramadan will start on Wednesday May, 16th and we have been praying in advance; join the faithful and rebuke the spirit of deception and lies. Our Lord is faithful and He's been active in the lives of thousands of Muslims through vision and dreams. Be a partner in prayer and encourage others to join you in Jesus holy name, because the Lord is certainly coming soon and we want millions to accept Him before it is to late. 
(Please read 'What is Ramadan?' in our Feedback)
In seven decades Israel has built a formidably strong economy, a cutting edge high-tech industry, a Nobel prize-winning science base and one of the world’s best health services, and has permanently revived the Hebrew language. It has a vibrant cultural scene and a still viable parliamentary democracy but it has no peace. Today Monday May 14th we remember and celebrate with the Jewish People, but also call every believer to pray. We ask you today Monday May, 14th to join our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH and claim Salvation for everyone without Christ; claim every soul for Jesus the Saviour of the whole world. Pray that wisdom would prevail and not only violence; may the name of our Lord be glorified in the region and in Israel itself. While Israelis reflect this week on their country’s short but in many ways glorious history, they would do well to imbibe the spirit of the declaration signed 70 years ago by the greatest of its founding fathers. Please continue praying…

A# We have special prayer request today Friday May 11th and start by asking the question: Do you remember Friday May 14th 1948 and what happened then? On that glorious day in Tel Aviv, Jewish Agency Chairman David Ben-Gurion proclaims the State of Israel, establishing the first Jewish state in 2,000 years. In an afternoon ceremony at the Tel Aviv Art Museum, Ben-Gurion pronounced the words “We hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine, to be called Israel,” prompting applause and tears from the crowd gathered at the museum. Ben-Gurion became Israel’s first premier.
Since then Israel’s been under attack from its neighbours but it survived and we ask every believer to remember the day and to pray. Pray that the Jewish people would wake up and accept Jesus of Nazareth as their Saviour; claim LIGHT for them and proclaim the name of Jesus. The scars of wars are visible in the Middle East, especially in Israel, thus we proclaim the Peace of Jesus Christ upon the region, especially upon Israel. We claim protection for the tiny Jewish State and ask the Lord to bring reconciliation; without The Prince of Peace there will not be peace. The State of Israel, in the shadow of the Holocaust, was established in the midst of a fierce Arab-Jewish war; may we remember and pray and learn our lessons too.
# The Lord opened the way for us to serve in at the Men Group of the First Baptist Church in Hendersonville, NC and today Thursday May, 10th to join us in our prayer. We are claiming open hearts to receive the message and asking the Lord to keep the place protected by His Presence and His angels. We ask for guidance and wisdom to be led by the Holy Spirit, but also to see the Lord touching and reviving His people. Encourage others to join you in your prayers and keep us covered in Jesus holy name.
After the awesome night with Men Cave in Ashville,NC last Tuesday May, 8th we want to encourage you today Wednesday May,9th to keep us in your prayers. The Lord opened the door for us to serve Him in Columbus,NC on Thursday May, 10th. Please proclaim His name upon us and those whom He'll be bringing and cover us with the precious blood of Jesus. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom and guide our words to touch the hearts of man and open their eyes to see. Also claim protection; may the Lord keep us safe and make us invisible for the enemy in Jesus holy name we pray...Amen.
A door was opened in Ashville,NC to serve the Lord at the Men Cave on Tuesday May, 8th and we trust our God to use us for His glory. We pray that He'll open heaven upon is people and touch their hearts. Pray with us and claim healing to the hearts and revival for the spirit in Jesus holy name. We trust that the Lord prepared great things for His people and we claim it for everyone present; may our Lord be glorified, also through your prayers.
On coming Sunday May, 6th we will be serving the Lord in Columbus,NC and we want to ask you to pray for us. Claim the ground for our Saviour Jesus Christ and proclaim the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Cover us with the precious blood of Jesus, claiming protection and wisdom in His holy name. We do believe that HE has a message for His people...and for us too and we are willing to be there where He wants us to serve.
This Thursday May, 3rd was declared as 'National Day of Prayer' and we  sent a message to believers in the States, but also to our partners to join this wise decision. You are free to join, but regard it as privilege to intercede for such a great nation.

While serving the Lord in the United States we want to encourage you to join the ‘National Day of Prayer’ on May, the 3rd. It is under the motto “Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” Eph 4:3 and our Ministry is encouraging every believer to PRAY for America.
We, Christians in Iraq, including our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH- DO pray daily for America and the Church in America, thus it should be natural for you to JOIN and to fervently pray.
We are using the same poster published by Life Way Stores and sending it with our Prayer Message, which has been forwarded to partners and all those who cooperate with us. It could be also seen on our Website.
Please lift your voice and pray, unit with millions of believers in the United States, but also abroad. We pray FIRST for the Church in America to stand for the truth and to preach the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, rebuking anyone who is not willing to preach Christ. Our prayer is for every believer to be filled with the Spirit and to walk in Spirit and to live the unity of spirit daily. We pray that believers would pray for their nation, for their Christian Heritage to be saved and restored and to rebuke any other religion/spirit in Jesus mighty name. Claim America for Christ and declare your nation as a CHRISTIAN nation; do NOT keep it spiritually empty, thus allowing OTHER spirits to move in. Pray that the Governments, local or national to adhere to the way of the truth and to the biblical principles; rebuke any attack against America and claim special blessing for it. Do NOT hesitate to call things by their names; do NOT be afraid to reveal the true face of Islam and the dangers of Political Islam for your freedom. Claim spiritual protection and cover America with the precious blood of Jesus, despite all divisions, quarrels and enmities between parties and politicians. Have faith that the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will hear and answer your prayers and trust Him to move in His timing and through His Holy Spirit, because your nation is precious in His eyes.     

Prayers are essential in our Christian Faith and we call you today  Wednesday May, 2nd to fervently pray as requested. May the Holy Spirit guide and encourage you in your prayer and intercession for others.

1. May your prayer be like us ‘Oh Lord, I want to reaffirm my commitment to you and renew my relationship; I want that to be my priority. I ask you Jesus to teach me to stay closer to you, to be humble, rejecting pride which leads to destruction, and embracing humility which leads to abundant life from you. Help me, dear Lord, to conform to your image and to keep walking in Spirit according to God’s Word. Amen’
2.  We’ve seen the hand of God in His dealing with us since our arrival to the United States, thus we pray that the Lord will continue helping us to connect to His people and serve them. We pray that our service would have a deep effect on believers, and that the Holy Spirit could use it to help them abide in Christ. Like the branch of the vine we ask Him to keep those served by us abiding in Him and worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth.
3. Many E-mails reached us asking for help through prayers but also the need for Bibles in different languages; pray that the Lord would open NEW sources to fulfill the need. We are asking our Jesus to give those hungry for Him and the Word what they need; if YOU can help please do.
4. Last night I had a conversation with one of our helpers in Qara Qosh, Iraq who informed me about the situation and progress of the rebuilding efforts. Please join our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH and ask the Lord to provide for the needs of His people. We proclaim in Jesus holy name that there won’t be anything lacking for the suffering Christian refugees; please agree with us.
5. Many invitations were extended for us, some from Europe, asking us to serve there; we lift every request to the Lord and ask for guidance, provision and accommodation. We pray that the Spirit of Truth will strengthen us through Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge and Discernment in order to do God’s will. Please pray and let’s know what you receive from the Holy Spirit.
6. On Saturday May, 26th the Global Outreach Day will take place; millions of Christians are called to take part. Brother Werner Nachtigal asked ICOM to join them, which we’ve been doing over the years. We encourage every Church, Prayer Group, Christian Organisation, Home Group or individuals cooperating with us or not to be active. Reach out to somebody on that day, tell them about Jesus, use ANY method as guided by the Holy Spirit and pray; your action could be for the saving of one soul.
7. Because of many invitations from different Churches and else in the United States, we supposed to fly back there in Autumn/the Fall; please pray with us for clear agenda and full Schedule. Ask the Lord to bring those whom HE chooses for our Seminars, Teaching Sessions and Services to the full knowledge of the TRUTH. Also we need finances not only for our trip but also the Ministry in general to be able to function as such and help needy Christian refugees in Iraq. We have a Calling and want to do what pleases our God and not only to fulfill some requests; may our Lord help us, also through your prayers.
8. Our goal for this year is to be able to establish solid support and finances for the team we built in Iraq, in order to move forward to the next step; pray with us and ask the Lord for guidance. We need partners who are willing to commit, in order to hand over everything to them, including the responsibility. Commit yourself, if you could, to a definite amount of money on monthly bases and help us do what the Lord called us for; your commitment could make a big difference.
9. In May other things are happening like General Election in Iraq, Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting and our going back to Iraq. Please pray, select the subject and ask the Lord for guidance. Take authority and proclaim in Jesus holy name: peace, protection, provision and most of all wisdom. May you continue praying, guided by the Spirit, as long as needed; your Feedback would be necessary to encourage others.

We ask you to join us and pray today Tuesday May, 1st; please continue praying in faith and send Feedback:

1. It is nearly a month now since our arrival in the United States and the Lord blessed us mightily, thus we want to give thanks to our God and pray that He would continue using us to expand His Kingdom on earth. We pray that He will guide us to those who mostly need Him and give us the courage to preach Christ without fear and in wisdom. Please join our prayer and ask the Lord for protection and guidance.
2.  Guided by the Holy Spirit we formulated and sent a short message ‘Vision and Calling’ to the Church in the United States of America; pray with us that the Lord would use it and speak to His people. Pray that doors would be opened in order to reach out to OTHER believers and share the message with them. It is vital for us to tell the truth to as many believers as possible.
3. Many new Churches and Ministries invited us to serve and the Lord spoke to His people through our testimony and preaching/teaching; join us and pray that the Lord uses this to strengthen His people. Ask Him to use them for the future too in order to reach out and speak to other believers and start a wave of awareness concerning the condition of the Church, but also the danger of  Political Islam.
4. Our Team in Iraq informed us about the progress done there since our departure and that many Christian refugees are back to their rebuilt houses; pray that the Lord would give peace and provide for the other needs. Claim protection for them in such a time of instability and despair in Jesus holy name.
5. A lot of needed work had to be finished in our Mission House and we thank the Lord for those who volunteered to help us; ask the Lord to give them strength and to open doors to pay the extra expenses. We’ve invited many Churches and believers to come and visit us in Iraq, where they could stay with us in our Mission House; changes needed to be done in time.
6. The step to collect and save Christian Heritage was taken in faith and we’ve saved so many objects and precious books and Bibles until now. We are still lacking financial support to build a Museum and an office in Qara Qosh- just 20 miles East of Mousel/Ancient Nineveh. Please pray with us and motivate others to be partners; we are willing to have foreigners as part of our staff there. We just received the news about NEW ancient Bibles from the 10th century written with hand in the Aramaic language; we are asking the Lord for those who are willing to finance our efforts to buy them 
7. When we return to Europe we have many tasks waiting for us and to be fulfilled in time, including visiting Iraqi Christian refugees in Central Europe, but we will go to Iraq first. Please pray for protection, ask the Lord to give us favour and make us invisible to the enemy, especially because of the very unstable political situation after the general elections.
8. May you be a partner in prayer with others worldwide to stand and support our Ministry; please encourage others to join you/us and do remember to pray daily for us. We are facing many challenges but we have faith that Jesus will help us do God’s will and reach out to the lost and needy.
9. Don’t forget to pray for Iraq as a nation, but also the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan; where the majority of Christians found refuge and live. The threat of clashes, if not war with the Central Government and Iranian-backed militias is very real and it will be very catastrophic for us Christians in Iraq.

The ways of the Lord are amazing and we supposed to serve the Lord on Friday April, 27th because of an extended invitation from Brother Karl G. from The Gospel for Planet Earth. We prayed, asked the Lord for guidance and ask others, like you, to pray because we see what the Lord wants; deep touch to change the hearts but also to open NEW doors for our Ministry. Feel privileged to join our prayer and to claim, literally, heaven on earth; we feel the burden and responsibility thus our request for unity.
While driving back to North Carolina, we continued our prayer, because we felt a dark cloud overshadowing us and our service. We informed our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH- and asked for intercession because the Calling is higher than many can imagine. Today Tuesday April,24th we want every true believer in Jesus to be united in praying for us and our service at ‘The Refuge House of Prayer’ when we are serving the Lord on Wednesday April, 25th. We feel it deep in our heart the Jesus has very special message for His people, but also for us. Important to be united with our 24/7 Prayer Team –JHPH- and with other believers and to triumphantly walk in victory in Jesus holy name.
Last year we served in Tennessee and the Lord mightily blessed us and prepared the ground for our Ministry, thus when we received invitations, we decided to go. Tomorrow Friday April, 20th we are heading to Sparta, TN to serve the Lord at Golden Gate Ministries, with Pastor Emory T. We thank the Lord for providing a place for us to stay by Pastor Dale Walker, President of Tennessee Pastors Network. Accompany us through your prayers and claim the ground in Jesus holy name; ask Him to reach out and shake the hearts of His people. Ask Him to open doors for us to serve not only but also for the future; we trust in Jesus and know He will never leave us nor forsake us. We will be serving the Lord also in Twin Lakes Grace Fellowship Church in Albany, KT; please lift up the banner and cover us with the precious blood of Jesus.
Last year we served in Tennessee and the Lord mightily blessed us and prepared the ground for our Ministry, thus when we received invitations, we decided to go. Tomorrow Friday April, 20th we are heading to Sparta, TN to serve the Lord. We thank the Lord for providing a place for us to stay by Pastor Dale Walker, President of Tennessee Pastors Network. Accompany us through your prayers and claim the ground in Jesus holy name; ask Him to reach out and shake the hearts of His people. 
While staying by Eva and Dan S. at their 'The Refuge House of Prayer' in Fletcher,NC the Lord put it on our hearts to pray for the place and the area surrounding it. We feel the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit here but also the burden to pray for the Church in America and for America itself. Today Wednesday April, 18th we encourage you to join our prayer; it is the prayer of a burdened heart, very urgent and prophetic. We pray that we should NOT only ask God to save people, well that is any way HIS will, but to CLAIM people for Christ. We proclaim upon this great nation the literal Outpouring of Purifying Fire from heaven to prepare God's People for the challenges ahead. We ask every Church to forget about theological differences and concentrate upon proclaiming the Kingdom of God ON EARTH, as Jesus did. Be encouraged, dear believer, that the Holy Spirit is READY and pleased to assist YOU through this pray. May our Lord Jesus be glorified through you and our prayers, actions and words...Amen.
We also want to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ this Monday April, 16th, while preparing for our Seminar in the University of North Carolina in Asheville . We are going to talk about the True Face of Islam and present facts to students and others. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth would help and guide us to share the TRUTH. We pray that the place will be protected by the Lord's Guardian Angels and the minds would be opened to receive the truth. We are asking the Lord for guidance according to His will and His glory believing ONLY the truth will set people free. Be encourage worldwide, ob believers in the Saviour, to join us and to pray.

Today is Monday April, 16th and when we wake up this morning in the USA, the trial of Pastor Andrew Brunson must have started. Just to remind you on Monday April, the 2nd we asked every believer to unit with us and to pray for him. It is so far now and we hope that MANY of you DID stand united with us and prayed for this Pastor; he as many thousands others are victims of a very repressive Islamic regime. This American Pastor, Andrew Brunson, is in immense danger because Turkey charged him with "Christianization". A 62-page indictment - a diatribe against Christianity and Israel - claims the Christian pastor living out his Christian faith, including through "humanitarian aid, education, and training," is terrorism! What the regime doing to its own citizens, to other people in Syria and Iraq and worldwide is terrifying, by they justify it ‘their way’. If convicted, he faces 35 years in a Turkish prison - essentially a life sentence for the 50-year-old American pastor.
His situation is dire and time is of the essence, thus we call you again to PRAY in Jesus holy name. Claim favour for him in Jesus holy name, as we did on Saturday evening April, 14th while serving in the House of Refuge, Fletcher,NC. Pray for his family and claim comfort from the ONLY true Comforter, the Holy Spirit of Christ; encourage other, oh Prayer Warriors and Soldiers of Christ, to join us.

# As the days go by, we continue our prayer and preparation for our Service in the States; we had few very interesting meetings with great results. Today Thursday April, 12th we want you to pray with us; pray that the Lord will keep us strong in our trust in Him. Pray that He’ll guide us to the places He wants us to serve; though we received many invitations. Proclaim the mighty name of Jesus upon us and our Service and claim wisdom and protection for us. While serving her, leaving our mission fields in Iraq and elsewhere, we trust the Lord for provision to sustain His suffering people in Iraq. Claim open doors for us and our Ministry in order to be connected to local Churches, Christian Missions and faithful individuals. Our hope is to be able to supply the needy Christians with, literally, their daily bread. May He, the only One and True God, hear and answer our prayer uttered through clean lips and from clean hearts. Don't forget to include coming Saturday Service in The Refuge House in your prayer; Dr. Hong Yang will be speaking and we are going to meet many others. Keep us covered with the precious blood of Jesus and claim great harvest and open heaven.
After serving the Lord and meeting some dear friends in Virginia, USA the Lord helped us to drive on Monday April, 9th and arrive safely in Charlotte,NC. A dear Sister, Eva S. was waiting for us and together we drove to the The Refuge House, Fletcher,NC. Our prayer is to serve the Lord faithfully and to be a blessing for the place and this family. We are asking the Lord for His mighty Presence, by the filling of the place with His Holy Spirit. 'Oh, Lord' we cry 'May your will be done; if needed use us your way'. Joining our prayers could encourage us and keep us protected; by vigilant and unit with other Saints in their prayers. 
While still in Culpeper, Virginia, USA we want this Saturday, 7th of April to publish these prayers asking every believer to join us. It is a great privilege to serve a Living God, who hears and answers prayers.

1. We are still lifting our hand praying, asking our living God to hear our cry and protect His persecuted people in Iraq; join our prayer and remember those in affliction. Claim comfort for them and divine protection in Jesus holy name, because the world has abandoned them, and many a Church forgotten them.  
2.  The prayers of the Saints is necessary to keep us covered and protected, especially when we work, literally, in a scorched land, where the enemy enticing others to attack and kill us. Join our 24/7 Prayer Team – JHPH – and claim divine protection. Pray also for those who persecute us; the Spirit of the Lord is able to change their hearts and bring them down to their knees and repentance.  
3. The time is flying by and there is still a lot to be done in the liberated Christian territory in Iraq; don’t think it is ‘over’ ; the struggle is still going on. Pray that the needs of those Christians, who returned back to their destroyed homes, will receive enough finances to rebuild and live in peace. Encourage yourself and others to commit to helping them; show your love and solidarity by taking a stand FOR the Christians in Iraq. Don’t let them and us in dire need; believe it or not, it is already 18 months since the liberation, but not much was achieved.
4. When ministering the Word to those who hate you and regard you as ‘worthy of death’ just because you believe in Jesus Christ, you need strength and power from above. Added to that when you daily struggle to support those in need and have to count twice before promising help or delivering milk to babies, you feel discouraged. Our Lord is faithful, but He also used believers to sustain great Ministries, thus we ask you to pray and ‘sustain’ us through your commitment of monthly contribution. We need to be sure of our next step; helping a family to rebuild their house, or a Church to rebuild what ISIS destroyed is part of our Calling and YOU could be the one partnering with and helping us.
5. It is over a year now since we began collecting and preserving what is left of the Christian Heritage in Iraq; the whole time we’ve been praying and asking for support. We received no answer; we pray today and ask you to join us, that the Lord may open His treasure and pour upon us the needed money in order to build a Museum in Qara Qosh. We claim from His holy hand the needed money and ask you to unit with us. It is heartbreaking experience to see our Christian Heritage being looted, stolen, destroyed or burnt; worse than that to see it in the wrong hands. Pray and be a cosponsor to such a brave step in Jesus holy name.
6. When asked about opening a NEW Church in Iraq, we said ‘We only pray, our Ministry cannot offered to pay the price of building a new Church’. We ask you to pray, especially those Churches which are willing to help establish a ‘Sister-Church’ in Iraq; ask the Lord for guidance and help us gather new believers in a Church of their own. There is also need for a Church in Central Europe; it is from the Lord and our hearts are burning. Please pray…seek His Face and come back to us.
7. We used to have our Evangelising Tours, especially during the summer; thus this year we are asking you for your prayers. We need accommodation for those joining us, finances for food and transportation…etc. ask the Lord to motivate local Churches to help us. Pray also for the countries and cities we are going to go to; claim the ground for Jesus and cover it with the precious blood of the Saviour.(We will send the Schedule later). 
8. Finally pray with us to the heavenly Father ‘Dear Father in heaven, please draw me closer to You. Please, fill me anew with Your love, wisdom, and strength. And please, dear Lord, 
make me an instrument of Your peace and healing in the lives of others. Encourage me to preach Christ under all circumstances and let me have compassion as Jesus had. Thank you Lord for Your Holy Spirit; may Your Holy Spirit have it HIS and NOT my way. In Jesus holy name…Amen”

# As we are preparing our service in the States, we want to thank everybody standing with and praying for us and today Tuesday, 3rd of April we are burdened and want to pray. Join our 24/7 Prayer Team 
-JHPH- and all Prayer Warriors and pray:
1. Oh, God, thank you for providing for us a place to stay, grant oh Lord, that our stay with this family will be a great blessing for them and us.
2. Use oh Lord our stay to speak to your people and thank you for opening your heaven upon this household and pouring down extra blessing.
3. We trust in you Lord and believe in your perfect timing; use oh Lord our presence to reach out and speak to your people. Set those who need liberty FREE and let them see your light.
4. Provide oh Lord, not only for us, but for those whom we are supporting and serving in Iraq and grant us abundance. 
5. We left home and friends behind and came over here to serve; guide us oh Lord to where we could serve you and your people and others. Use our Ministry for your glory and grant that your Holy Spirit will fill us daily and guide us according to your own will.
6. Protect us oh, God and keep us under the shadow of your wings; make us oh Lord invisible to the enemy and always covered with His precious blood.
7. Open, heavenly Father, doors and hearts for us and anoint the word we speak; confirm oh Lord our word with signs and miracles.
May you, oh Saviour of the world, be always glorified in our life..amen.

# Do you know Pastor Andrew Brunson? Do you what he is going through? Well today Monday, 2nd of April just after arriving in Culpeper, Virginia we decided to send what we’ve received concerning him. Stand for the truth and stand with him; read his words with your own eyes and lift your voice to our only ONE and true God in Jesus holy name.

Dear praying friends,

I am tense as I now know I will go on trial, April 16. I ask for your prayers:
1. That I have courage and strength. Even Paul, who was much more courageous and strong than I, needed this (Eph 6:18-20; 2 Tim 4:17).
2. That I represent Jesus Christ well - with peace, love, and forgiveness.
3. That the Lord exposes the lies of the many false witnesses and establish truth. I, so long to be free, and return to my family.

 Thanks for standing with me, for your prayers.


Pastor Andrew will have his first appearance in court on Monday, April,16th . That is around two weeks from today. He will have been imprisoned for a year and a half.
We are asking that you join with us in daily prayer for Andrew. We have written a prayer from the Scriptures that Andrew mentions above.
God, our Father, Maker of heaven and earth, we come before you today with prayers and petitions for Pastor Andrew Brunson. We ask You to fill his mouth with Your Word, may he boldly proclaim the mystery of the gospel, for which he is an ambassador in prison. 
Stand by him and strengthen him, that through him, Your message would be made known and many would hear and believe. Rescue him from those who would seek to harm him. You are the God who faithfully brings forth justice for all who are oppressed. You love justice and will not forsake your saints. Expose the lies of the enemy. We ask for Your justice to prevail in this trial. Give him counsel, Your counsel. Give his judge, Your judgement. Grant Andrew peace, make his light shine brightly before those who accuse him. Strengthen him with joy and peace as he trusts you. Anchor his soul in hope. Grant him grace to forgive those who falsely accuse him. We lift up the Brunson family before you, be their shield and the lifter of their heads. Surround them with your loving arms, encourage their hearts, comfort them with Your love. Amen.
We are also asking you to consider fasting and praying with us. Perhaps one meal a day or one day a week, however you feel to do so. Thank you. There are many who are appealing to governmental and judicial authorities for which we are grateful. We need to appeal to the Judge of the whole earth- will He not do what is just? (Genesis 18:25)
May the Lord bless you and keep you as you pray.

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