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24/7 Prayer Request-- JHPH
(Jesus Highland Prayer House)

Prayer is one of most important weapons we have, dear believers in Christ Jesus, as you know, thus the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ to us is to PRAY!

We and our 24/7 Prayer Team -- Jesus Highland Prayer House (JHPH)-- are praying nonstop for all those who ask us to pray for them but also interceding for those who do not believe.
Putting your prayer request here gives us joy if you ask us to, and we believe that all those of the Body of Christ will keep you in their daily prayers too. This interesting point we would like to add: THE POWER OF PRAYER can change you and we believe that God gives only three answers to prayer: 

1. 'Yes! ' 
2. 'Not yet. ' 
3. 'I have something better in mind' 
God still sits on the throne, and the devil is a liar. 
You might be going through a tough time right now but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that you cannot imagine. Keep on praying!

April-- Month of Resurrection

## We just received this E-mail today Saturday, 1st of April from a dear brother in Ukraine and would like to ask every believer to unit with them in fast and prayer. We from ICOM with our Prayer Team JHPH will be joining and encourage all of you to have faith; just trust Jesus and join. We claim peace of our Lord and His joy to the Ukraine in Jesus holy name.

Dear brothers and sisters,
2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)
“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land”
In recent years, you have heard many sad, sometimes tragic news from Ukraine. Our country really does not go through an easy but thorny path which, we believe, leads us to development and prosperity.
With great joy I am writing to share with you good news, which gives hope that we are indeed at a turning point in the history of our country. The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations supported an extremely important initiative to make April 2 and 3, 2017 as the All-Ukrainian Prayer and Fasting days which will unite all followers of Jesus in our country.
The unique feature of this event is that for the first time in years of independence, the author of this initiative was the Head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Patriarch Filaret who, speaking from the pulpit of the Parliament of Ukraine, called all believers, both Orthodox and Protestant, despite their denominational affiliation, to unite in fasting and prayer, asking God for help and protection, in such a difficult period for our country. The members of all political forces applauded to this initiative which is a clear sign that Ukraine is on the right path, leaving Soviet atheistic totalitarian thinking, striving for great spiritual changes through humiliation and repentance before God.
On behalf of the Prayer Group in our Parliament and I am asking you kindly to join the believers of Ukraine in prayer for our country.
Thank you for your invaluable support and prayers.
Pavel Unguryan

March-- Month of Revelations
## The Lord has opened the door for us and we will be going to Iraq again to help refugees and serve the Lord and today Wednesday, 29th 
of March we ask for your prayer. In a dynamic situation, which is changing by the day we don't know what to expect, still one thing is sure: We need prayers...YOUR prayers. Stand with us and proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ upon us and claim His protection for us. Please keep us covered with continuous prayers, whether you are home, at work or in the Church; we trust that the precious blood of Jesus will keep us safe. We are going as a Team with two people from Prague going with us and we, literally, going back in history to the time of Adam. With František M. and Jan C. we will be going, the Lord permits, to visit Ur the Chaldean, the ruins of ancient Babylon, the tomb of Daniel in Kirkuk, the tomb of Jonah in Mousel-Nineveh Valley and more. The timing is the Lords and we trust that HE will bring us there and back home safely; your prayer is vital, so please stand with us and encourage others to pray for us. We will be updating you through the whole trip and trust that your stand will make a difference.

## We have been praying for a long time concerning our work and cooperation in Vienna with many Churches, Christian Organisations or Prayer Groups and today Wednesday, 15th of March we ask for prayer. Since this month of the Month of Revelation, we ask the Lord to reveal to us things about ourselves, our work and our weaknesses but also about our partners. We ask our Lord Jesus to show us HOW we should conduct ourselves when we are together with them. We need revelation about their stand with us depending on the Fundational Principles of our Christian Faith. We are also asking our Lord to help us to see the REAL NEED of people we are working with; it is not only receiving, but also giving is vital in our Ministry. Claim wisdom for us in our walk with the Lord and work among His people and others. Proclaim great revelations everywhere we go to serve people but also bring honour to our Lord Jesus; we want to see radical changes in our Ministry for this year and claim the DOUBLE portion the Lord promised in Jesus holy name…Amen.

## We thank the Lord for His goodness towards us and today Saturday, 4th of March we ask all believers to stand with brother Saad, who is applying for a Multi-entry visa. Please pray for him and remember his coming interview on Monday, the 6th of March; claim favour for him. We need him as a witness of the Lord about how our Jesus changed his life, but also because of the kind of work he does. We believe the door is OPEN and we claim this Open Door for him in order to have him here with us. Ask the Lord to put favour in the hearts of the responsible people, but also claim safe travel mercies for him; he’ll be travelling a very long distance of over 1200 km. May our Lord hear and answer our prayers and may you rejoice with us when the answer will be clear YES.

## Today Friday, 3rd of March and I just arrived in Istanbul and in the Airport I waited and prayed; please join me to see God’s hand in action. I need somebody, whom I can trust with the official document to brother Saad. I came seeking the Lord and asking for guidance. To all prayer warriors your stand is needed and necessary because it was our Lord Who put it in my heart to travel to Istanbul.

## We will be holding our Quarterly Seminar next week under the title “Christianity in the Middle East and Islamic Migration” and today Thursday, 2nd of March want to ask you for your prayers. As believers in Jesus claim His protection upon the place and claim the ground for Jesus; ask Him to keep us protected and to bring those whom He wants to the place. Proclaim great impact in the spiritual as well as physical through the message we have and ask the Lord to keep Heaven open upon us. We believe that He is at work and He will change the environment in the town and this country and we claim salvation and godly salvation for many in Jesus holy name.

## Today Wednesday, 1st of March we ask for urgent prayer concerning brother Saad, for whom we applied and received a permission for a Visa, but couldn’t bring the document to him in Iraq. Please stand with us and pray in order to help him in time; we literally need a miracle and trust the Lord will reveal Himself to us and others. Pray that a WAY would be found, because brother Saad has his interview on Monday, the 6th at 10 am; not even DHL could deliver the document in time. We trust our Jesus WILL do it in time, and He’ll do it HIS way; join us in faith and PRAY, claiming a miraculous way to have all done in time. We are still in Germany but praying and asking the Lord for guidance; we need every believer, who reads these word to stand with us.

February-- Wonderful and Divine Encounters

## Our prayer for every month in the New Year gives us guidance; March should be the Month of Revelations. Today Monday, 27th of February we pray that the Lord would reveal to you WHERE you should stand, WHICH direction you should go, and WHAT you should ask for. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide your steps on God’s way and confirm the Word you speak in Jesus holy name, thus revealing to the world ‘heaven on earth’. We expect from the Lord great things to be revealed about our weaknesses, in order to claim His strength, but also about the Word and time. It is great to know that our God is the God of Revelations and that “…for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” Rev 19:10b.
## We are heading again to Germany, where we should serve the Lord in many places, thus today Sunday, 26th of February we ask you to pray for us. We just came back from a far distance after serving the Lord, but believe we need your prayer in order to be invisible to the enemy and to have faith in the Lord. Pray that we would boldly proclaim His Word, preach Christ as He is and not diluted to please man, and to come with great harvest. Pray that no matter where we go, we will have open doors before us and open heaven upon us; it is the month of miracles and wonders. Thank you for joining our prayer and may you enjoy His peace.
## We are invited to serve the Lord and His people in Prostjiov, please join our prayer today Thursday, 23rd of February. It is His guidance and His Holy Spirit that would help us to preach the Word, proclaim salvation in Jesus holy name and offer people to come to Him. Your stand is important in this spiritual battle and we DO believe that there would be great harvest. Our Prayer Team JHPH has already started their fast and prayer days ago; it is great to unit with them and to proclaim salvation. We need also wisdom and humbleness to bring the message over; join us in prevailing prayer to break through and achieve what the Lord purposed in His heart.
## The doors that the Lord opened for us stay open and we thank and bless the Lord for that; today Saturday, 18th of February we pray for His guidance and ask you to join us. Proclaim His will and guidance upon us when we serve Him in Brno on coming Wednesday, the 22nd of February. Pray that our appearing there to share about our work among refugees and others in Iraq would be used by the Lord to convict people but also to bring Him honour and glory. Pray that believers would understand the depth of our Service and the dangers we are facing and pray continuously for us. Claim protection for those present but also for us when we travel to Brno and back home.
## Brethren, April, 16th , which is Resurrection Day/Easter Sunday has been selected for a national referendum in Turkey, at which people are being strongly encouraged to choose to change the constitution and make the presidential office  a lifelong position.  Sadly this means that none of the Churches in Turkey will be allowed to celebrate Resurrection Day/Easter Sunday. Please join our pray today Sunday, 12th of February and proclaim the Word of Life upon Turkey and its people. Proclaim that the Will of our God will be done and that the schemes of the enemy would fail. Pray that believers in Turkey STILL will celebrate Resurrection Day in different ways and that heaven would be open upon them. We praise God that we can still make every Sunday a Resurrection day and every day a day of Thanksgiving and joy! Please pray for the Churches in Turkey and claim divine protection in Jesus holy name.
## After visiting the Frontline in Machmur, near Mousel on Saturday, the 4th of February, we ask you today Sunday, 5th of February to pray for us and our Ministry. The experience was very hard for us with all the destruction and human tragedies and today we’ll be going to visit injured civilians, especially children. Pray that the Lord would give us strength to bear all, but also to be a blessing for many when we praise for them. Ask the Lord for His mighty presence to touch and change people’s hearts and open their eyes to His light. Pray for those working with and helping us; all of them are volunteers but they too need help, because they have no source of income.
## Today Friday, 3rd of February we want to ask you to join our prayer for a Gathering/ Conference in Vienna on Wednesday, the 8th of February. The Lord is gracious to us and we bless His holy name for giving us the opportunity to take part in such Gathering/Meeting at the Centre of HELP International-FCIG directly after returning from Iraq. David Demian will be present there leading the Gathering/ Conference as well as many other leaders. Proclaim protection upon the place and claim the mighty Presence of the Holy Jesus holy name. Ask the Lord for guidance and believe He would surprise us; don't forget this month is the month of extra-ordinary, miracles and wonders. Claim protection for the leaders, their minds and work and ask the Lord for wisdom from above. We want to be expectant, willing to receive from our Jesus what He has prepared for us. May you, oh, Lord of heaven and earth, be glorified in everything and through this gathering.
## We ask you today Wednesday, 1st of February, to join us in our prayer for February; it should be a month of wonderful and divine encounters, a month full of surprises from the Lord where your life would be radically changed. Join our prayers and give thanks to the Lord because He gave us authority to be able to do so strong, and trusting in Him. Please look up to the Lord of heaven and earth and ask Him for guidance; ask Him to open your heart and mind to see things from His perspective and keep on pressing until you really hear the voice of Your Shepherd. Encourage other to join us and to let heaven pour down the blessings and promises that the Lord have for us in store.

January-- Victory in Christ Jesus 
## On Tuesday, 24th of January we will be going to Iraq to serve the Lord and the suffering Christians there, thus we need your prayers. Please join our 24/7 Prayer Team and lift your voice to the Lord today Saturday, 21st of January; ask Him to keep us protected, to give us wisdom to use the time there and to put favour in the hearts of the people we are working with. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us according to the will of our God, in order to bless others through us and to bless us through them. Also ask the Lord for Divine Appointment, yes we want to meet people and share with them. We are expecting a very special year, with great harvest and moving from victory to victory on all levels. If possible, encourage others to pray for us, to pray for our Ministry and the people we are ministering too and to keep us covered with the precious Blood of Jesus.
## The Lord is guiding our steps to Germany and we ask you today, Wednesday, 18th of January to unit with us in our prayer. We want our service to be great with breakthrough the barriers of the enemy and to bring healing, comfort and peace to the hearts of people. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide us in a mighty way by speaking to people through our simple words and deeds; we do believe that Jesus is sending us to Nürnberg, Ingolstadt and Munich for a purpose. Please continue praying for us and ask the Lord to give us favour, to make us invisible to the enemy and to give us wisdom from above. We also ask for provision, because we still have a trip to Iraq soon.
## We need your prayer for our trip to Vienna next week and today Friday, 13th of January we ask you to join our Prayer Team JHPH and others in their prayers. We have few subjects to discuss and few matters to settle and we need heavenly assistance to strength and guide us. Pray that our meeting with leaders from different Church, which support us, would be successful and wise decision would be made. Pray that our meeting with Pastor Bahgat, from the Arabic Evangelical Church, would open a new way for further cooperation and that the lies of the enemy would be revealed. Pray that our work with Family Urdich would continue and that we would be a blessing for them, their family and Prayer Group.
## Join us this Sunday, 8th of January and pray; many are united with us PRAYING and trusting a Living God to hear and answer our prayers in Jesus holy name.

1. Let your prayer be a visible Pillar of heaven on earth by praying in the name of Jesus for the Body of Christ, all those who are elect according to His calling. Pray that the experience of Bethlehem would be repeated in the life of every believer and claim the promises of Christmas Night for the Saints and claim the Word “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” Lk 2:14.
2. We ask you to join our prayers for all those suffering for the sake of Christ and their faith in Him; pray fervently and claim peace for them and ask for comfort from the Holy Spirit. Pray that the Lord will keep them protected, making them invisible to the enemy and filling their hearts with is amazing peace. Ask our Lord to keep heaven open upon their coming and their going and that His angels will accompany them everywhere they go. Remember them in your daily prayer and give thanks that YOU are enjoying a peaceful time and have the freedom to believe and worship Jesus without being persecuted.
3. Special prayer is needed for the Christian refugees in Iraq; join our 24/7 Prayer Team (JHPH) in their prayer and proclaim great joy, peace and protection for God’s people. Pray that the Lord would give them patience to wait until their territory is completely safe to return to it; ask the Lord to keep those defending the land to be protected and fill the hearts of their families with peace. Ask the Lord in Jesus mighty name to keep those from the Assyrian Brigade (Or Nineveh –Valley- Protection Unit or NPU) protected and safe, to give them wisdom in their dealing with the ISIS and other forces around. Remind other believers around you and in your Church to PRAY; your prayer is a SHIELD for them, keeping heaven gate open upon them.
4. We claim peace upon all those working and cooperating with us, asking the Lord to sift them and guide us only to those who truly want to serve Him. We are praying that what we receive from Him will be giving to those who ask for it and that we should not give the pearls to the wrong ones; humbly we ask the Lord to help us multiply the few ‘talents’ we received from Him and not be idle doing nothing with them. Help us by praying for us, our work and Ministry among God’s people and in the world. Please ask Him for protection, especially when we go to ‘Danger Zones’ and here we don’t only mean Iraq; there are OTHER spiritual danger zones which we should avoid.
5. Praying for peace is an essential part of our Ministry, but we pray according to His will, claiming HIS peace and according to His will, which could be established IF the Gospel of Peace be preached. Join us and pray that spreading the Good News/ The Gospel of Peace would be central and essential in our Ministry and that we do as called for. May we have peace with all men, especially those from the household of God.
6. We’ve been working and cooperating with so many Churches, Prayer Groups, Christian Organisations and individuals and the Lord blessed us in different ways: Sometimes we learnt to trust people blindly, and the Lord rewarded us. Our reward was: to be wise and not to let the enemy rob us of our ability to discern. Other times we gave according to the material need, as presented to us, but the Lord blessed us and opened our eyes to search and find out the real reasons behind that need. Pray for us to discern according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to give ‘…as unto the Lord…’; as the Lord to be our ONLY Provider and that we should not depend on other means. Pray for those who are supporting our Ministry; ask the Lord to reward them according to His glorious treasures, but also the purity of their hearts. Pray that our Ministry would not be in need and that we enter the New Year with abundance to serve and give without fear of not having enough. Also pray that that what we give would be wisely used and its usage brings glory to our Lord.
7. We want to have special prayer every month for a definite subject; please join us starting from January 2017 and help us to choose that subject. We ask the Lord for His guidance and want to start by asking every one of you to pray each for his/her nation, for the leaders of their nation/ the government but also for the leaders in the Church. Claim wisdom from above for them and ask for the conviction of the Holy Spirit, when they depart from God’s ways. Bless as much as you could and let the Blessed One stretch His hand upon your country and change it.
## Today Thursday, 5th of January we want to ask you to join our prayer, because the Lord opened the way and guided us to serve the Gypsy Community near our Mission House in Vysoke Myto on Saturday, the 7th . Please proclaim the Word of the Lord upon the whole community, upon the ground we will be serving on and upon Family…. who helped in organizing the event. We will be preaching, teaching and inviting people to accept Jesus; your prayer is so important for us and it may be the last push to open the heart of people. Ask others to join us in our prayer, because this community is dear to us and we want to see them saved, enjoy the joy and the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Be a partaker in this great event and claim souls for the Kingdom of our God in Jesus mighty name.
## The God of Abraham is a faithful God and despite all attempts by the enemy and all the tricks he used, our God opened the way for my brother Hasan and reunited us. Today Wednesday, 4th of January, we ask you to join our prayers for him; he's already received temporary residency in the Czech Republic. Our prayer for him now, when he goes on Monday, the 9th, to have his residency prolonged, is to receive a longer stay. We ask the Lord to use this matter for His glory and to silence all those who falsely accused my brother of not being a believer. Pray also for his family; the separation is not easy for him, neither is it for his wife and four children; like other Christian refugees, they also lost everything and had to flee from Baghdad for their lives. Ask our Lord to put favour in the hearts of the authorities and to give my brother wisdom; we DO believe that it is our God Who's chosen him to be on my side. May you be encouraged when our Lord hears and answers your prayers, all glory be to Him.

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