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24/7 Prayer Request-- JHPH
(Jesus Highland Prayer House)

Prayer is one of most important weapons we have, dear believers in Christ Jesus, as you know, thus the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ to us is to PRAY!

We and our 24/7 Prayer Team -- Jesus Highland Prayer House (JHPH)-- are praying nonstop for all those who ask us to pray for them but also interceding for those who do not believe.
Putting your prayer request here gives us joy if you ask us to, and we believe that all those of the Body of Christ will keep you in their daily prayers too. This interesting point we would like to add: THE POWER OF PRAYER can change you and we believe that God gives only three answers to prayer: 

1. 'Yes! ' 
2. 'Not yet. ' 
3. 'I have something better in mind' 
God still sits on the throne, and the devil is a liar. 
You might be going through a tough time right now but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that you cannot imagine. Keep on praying!

December--- Month of Compensation
# It took years to think about and finally decide to change something in the building of BBJ Church in the Czech Republic with which we cooperate. Finally they nearly finished everything and on coming Sunday, the 3rd of December they are going to hold their first service there. Today Friday, 1st of December we from ICOM asking you to pray and proclaim success and progress upon the BBJ Church; claim the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit. Ask the Lord to use the NEW building to renew the mind of believers there and stir their hearts to do HIS will. Claim humbleness to the pastors and elders and ask the Lord to help them have a shepherd's heart, looking after the sheep and feeding them the pure Word of God. We are also praying about our role, as a Ministry, and asking the Lord for direction and bold decision; join our prayer in Jesus holy name.
#  Through our long trip to the USA the Lord blessed us mightily and opened new ways to serve Him and His people and today Monday, 4th of December we want to thank Him. Yes, we say 'Thank you our faithful God for your goodness towards us and for standing with us in the time of desperate need. We lift your name on high, because you are worthy to be praised and give you all honour and glory. Help us, oh God, to continue walking with Jesus and open our ears to the small, soft voice of yours. Remind us that ONLY because of your mercies and goodness we are not consumed and be kind to us, by making us Jesus holy name...Amen' .You can join our prayer and proclaim protection for all our members and teams and cover us with the blood of Jesus everywhere we go.

#  On Friday,8th of December our Team is travelling to Baghdad, Iraq in order to go back to our Mission House and join other Teams helping the persecuted Christian refugees. The whole area in the autonomous Region of Kurdistan is under embargo and the danger of ethnic war between Arabs and Kurds is very high. Join our 24/7 Prayer Team-JHPH- today Tuesday,5th of December and claim protection; may the Lord make those travelling invisible to the enemy and give them favour. Ask the Lord for guidance in selecting the Christian families to be help rebuilding their destroyed houses. Claim open doors for ICOM not only in the liberated Christian territory but also in the hearts of other Servants, because the enemy is trying to cause division through envy, jealousy and misunderstanding. Please continue praying as long as they are there and claim peaceful atmosphere during this Christmas time in Jesus holy name.
November—Month of Preparation
# Special prayer is needed for us when we leave Tennessee and travel to Virginia on Monday, 20th of November; please pray with power for safe travel and protection. In Jesus holy name claim the presence of our Lord and favour everywhere we go and cover us with the blood of the precious Lamb. We intend to serve the Lord in Virginia; claim open doors in Jesus mighty name and remember our suffering brothers and sisters in Iraq.
#  Asking for prayer from all of you, believers in Jesus Christ, is encouraging for us especially when our stay in the States is coming to an end. Please pray with us today Wednesday, 15th of November for the coming events:
1. We will be serving the Lord today evening--6 PM-- at Crossville First Free Will Baptist Church and giving a great testimony about what Jesus did in Dr. Selman Hassan's life.
2. The Lord is sending us to ACT for America, Knoxville on Thursday, 16th of November and our prayer is to testify and bring honour and glory to the Lord.                          
3. On Friday evening, the 17th of November we will be serving the Lord in Twin Lakes Grace Fellowship Church, Albany, Kentucky. Please remember us on our way there and back and claim the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit. 
5.We should be serving the Lord on Saturday, 18th of November afternoon and Sunday, 19th of November in the morning at First Freewill Baptist Church of Hayesville,N. Our prayer is that our Lord would touch the heart of His people and bring awareness about the suffering Christians in Iraq and about the true nature of Islam.
6. After serving the Lord for two days in North Carolina we should be driving back to serve Him at 6 PM at Sparta First Free Will Church. Join us in our prayer for a holy presence and fiery touch in Jesus holy name and claim salvation for those who do not know Jesus.
#  We've been busy the whole time but we are active in prayer with our 24/7 Prayer Team and the Lord reminds us of people with authority and influence. We are invited to meet State Representative Mr. Judd Matheny on Tuesday evening, thus join us and our Prayer Team and pray today Monday,13.November. Proclaim protection and abundance in wisdom and conduct; trust the Lord to move His mighty hand and put people of faith at the right place in order to bring America to the right way.
#  Our mighty God was with us the whole time, keeping us busy and after a great Service in two Churches in Morris Town,TN He is preparing us for an Interview with Brother David Carr from Radio 91.7 FM in Kentucky. Please join our 24/7 Prayer Team --JHPH-- today Monday, 13.November and proclaim salvation to MANY souls who will listen to the program. Ask the Lord to keep us safe and protected going there and coming back and most of all pray for the persecuted Christians in Iraq. Claim support through prayer and commitment for them and their needs, especially since they are rebuilding their liberated but destroyed territory in Jesus holy name. We have faith the Lord is going to surprise all of us, because He is so gracious and merciful.
#  It was late when we arrived back from Albany, Kentucky where we took part in a Revival Conference, still today Tuesday, 7th of November we wanted you to stand with us and to pray. We are serving the Lord tomorrow evening at BondeCroft Baptist Church and we ask the Lord to use it for His glory, reach out and touch people and open their eyes for the TRUTH. Be encourage to stand with our 24/7 Prayer Team -- JHPH -- and to feel urged by the Holy Spirit to claim the place for Christ. We have faith and believe YOUR prayer counts...
#  Today Sunday, 5th of November we heard about the mass shooting at a Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, that left 26 dead and many injured just while we were serving the Lord in Red Boiling Springs and immediately prayed. Please pray for the families of the victim and proclaim comfort in Jesus holy name. Ask our Lord that the Holy Spirit would comfort the families and fill their hearts with peace, despite the loss. We encourage you to follow the development of what happened and persist with your prayer, joying our 24/7 Prayer Team -- JHPH .. whom we already informed.
# After serving the Lord last Sunday at Ole Country Church, the Pastor asked us whether we could come and serve and hold a Seminar on coming Friday; we told him we will pray and check our Schedule. Today Wednesday, 1st of November we ask you to claim open ears to hear and come together to the gathering. Ask the Lord to MOVE His Church and motivate the Pastors and leaders to, literally, 'come and see'. We are covering the place of gathering with the precious blood of Jesus and claiming protection. May His Holy Presence keep the place holy and may He keep surround it with His Guardian Angels. We ask the Lord for wisdom while preparing the material and selecting pictures, videos or else.

October--- Month of Extra Blessing

# Today Saturday, 28th of October the breaking news reached us that Iraqi Kurdistan leader Barzani will hand over presidential powers on November, the 1st. It is another shift to instability in Iraq, and especially the Kurdish Region and Erbil, where we have our Mission House! Since the Central Government and the Muslim Militia supporting it began attacking the Region of Kurdistan, we began praying and asking the Lord for His intervention. 

Our 24/7 Prayer Team-- JHPH--  is located exactly in our Mission House in Erbil and those who are coming daily for prayer could sense the evil shift in the spiritual. Joining them and encouraging others to join is a positive step to bow before the Throne of Grace and plead for those suffering.

We are alone, because our host left for a week, still the Lord has called us for Service coming Sunday in two Churches:Ole Country Church and  Plainview Freewill Baptist Church. Today Friday, 27th of October we are praying for a special breakthrough; please join us and unit in asking for wisdom and a holy touch. Proclaim the power of the Word upon us and those who are going to hear it; may the Lord use the testimony to change the hearts of many.                     
To serve the Lord is a great matter but when Jesus sends us to serve among Veterans is a special matter and that is what will happen on coming Thursday. We will be sharing and holding a short Seminar about Islam at  Southern Hills Golf Course for the District6Patriots thus we ask for prayer today Tuesday, 24th of October. It is necessary to support us with your prayers because we trust that the Lord is going to use the Seminar to touch and change the hearts of many. We also believe that it will have a special effect in the spiritual realm; fasting and prayer is called for.                             

On coming Wednesday the Lord is sending us to Golden Mountain Ministries, with whom He connected us in an amazing way. Today  Monday, 23rd of October we want all of you, faithful, to join our prayer. Pray that our Lord will be glorified through our sharing and preaching the Word. Claim abundance for our Ministry and the people we are serving; trust that the Lord WILL provide for His suffering people in Iraq. Ask Jesus to use the new established contact for extra blessing not only for us, but for leaders in Golden Mountain Ministries.
The Lord opened the way for us to serve Him on coming Sunday, thus today Friday, 20th of October we are sharing this with you and asking every believer to join us and to pray. Ask the Lord to use our service at Living Waters Independent Church in the morning and Highland Community Church evening and speak to His people. Pray for safety and protection, because it is a long drive and we will be out from early morning to late evening. Proclaim the Presence of the Lord through His Holy Spirit and claim the ground for Christ. We have faith and do believe that Jesus sent us there for a greater purpose.                                 
Today Wednesay, 18th of October we received this sad message from a dear sister, Catherine B., and we ask every believer to join our 24/7 Prayer Team -- JHPH -- and to fervently PRAY. Lift up your prayers, with humble hearts, to the heavenly Father; claim in Jesus a MIRACLE: our God CAN, and we proclaim WILL do it. All you, Prayer Warriors, stand with us and this dear family; they are SO faithful to the Lord, and claim VICTORY over sickness and even death. Proclaim with us "Jesus IS LORD, and in His name ALL things are possible"-- may our Lord and Saviour glorify His name in this matter...Amen 

Dear Divas & others,
It is with a broken heart that I write this request for prayers.  We learned this morning that Lynn now has a blood infection which is complicating his current situation.  
Doctors called a family meeting this afternoon & are now in the midst of transitioning Lynn to hospice care at UVA as soon as we can get his Medicaid active - with the hope of being able to bring him home towards the end.  This hope is more of a dream because his body is so fragile & so tired that he might not even make it to Hospice.
Pray for all of us, especially Barry & Tim.  It’s also hard for Angela & I, not to mention Francesca & Josephine.  Phyllis &  Nell, I now fully understand your pains.  Without a doubt we know God is in control,  but sometimes it’s so hard.  Can’t begin to imagine what this would be like without Him!
I love all of you& thank God daily for the angels He put in my life!
Love all of you so much.  None of us ever dreamed of having to bury one of our children!


There is a special call for prayer starting from today Thursday, 19th of October and we want all believers to unit in Spirit and join the prayer. Our 24/7 Prayer Team -- JHPH -- is starting with FAST and Prayer; you could join them if you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit. We pray for Judd Matheny, who declared his intention to candidate to the Congress. First cover him with the blood of Jesus and proclaim protection in Jesus holy name. We are doing it because we had THREE encounters with or about him and some Sisters prayed but couldn't break through! We pray that he will win by standing for the truth on our Christian faith; you stand is essential and we encourage you to continue praying until he is in Washington, DC. Bind every evil thought, intention or attack in Jesus holy name and proclaim the power of the Word of God upon him.
We have been praying for Iraq and the suffering Christians there, when we heard about the NEW escalation, thus we began our prayers today Monday, 16th of October. We ask you to join us and proclaim PEACE upon the Kurdish Region in Jesus holy name; it is the SANCTUARY to thousands and thousands of Christian refugees. Any new war there could be devastating, not only to the Kurdish Region, but especially to the Christians living there. We need every believer to pray and encourage others to do the same; continuous prayers are necessary. Our 24/7 Prayer Team -- JHPH -- prayer their Bullet Prayer, exactly directed at ONE point; yes, we need PEACE and understanding to solve problems and matters peacefully.
Our Lord opened new ways to serve Him and spread the Word and  today Wednesday, 11th of October we ask you to pray for the following events:
1. On Friday, the 13th at around 11 am we'll have a Live Interview at Super Talk Radio; Dr. Bill Warner and Pastor Dale Walker will take part too. Claim thousands for Christ on hearing the Interview and the revelation of the TRUE face of Islam. Pray that our Lord would move the hearts of the authorities to review Islam from a different perspective and STOP its influence. We trust the Lord to guide us through the Holy Spirit to make the Church in America aware of the plight of the persecuted Church in Iraq AND motivate it to act. 
2. We need prayer for our Service in Albany, Kentucky on Sunday, 15th at 10:30 am and Cockeville Baptist Church at 6:30 pm; proclaim the name of Jesus upon our going and coming and ask for special anointing. Ask the Lord to use our message to reach out and touch HIS people and motivate them to DO something and GO to the world and spread the Gospel of Peace.
When we arrived at Embassy Suites Cool Springs in the morning of Saturday, the 7th to the 30th Eagles Wings Conference I did not expected what I've seen later. Mrs. Babbie Patray was so brave and strong and I heard speaker after speaker standing for the TRUTH!!
Then I heard somebody called Judd Matheny speaking; a tall man with strong stature...and immediately I felt the need for prayer. I never thought that I will ever see or hear from him again but I prayed for him and sent a Prayer Request to our 24/7 Prayer Team -- JHPH. Thus today, Sunday, 8th of October we are asking YOU to join us and to pray for this man. It seems he is running for an office in Washington, DC but we should pray for his PROTECTION; please join us and claim protection for him again all evil and the schemes of the enemy. Cover him with the blood of Jesus and claim Divine Intervention in his favour to silence slandering tongues and opening doors for him. Remember to pray for his family and supporting team in Jesus mighty name.
# When we arrived here, in the USA, on the 8th of September, the Lord blessed us mightily, also through Sister Catherine B. and her family. Our Jesus surprised us when the President of the Pastors Network in Virginia, Pastor Steve H. discovered that we were staying with THIS family. We asked you today Sunday, 1st of October to join our 24/7 Prayer Team-- JHPH -- in their prayer for our two Services today. We will be going to Christ Episcopal Church in...where we will be meeting Bishop Gulick Ask the Lord to be speak to His people, open their eyes to the truth of the Bible and help them to get to know Him better. Pray also for our Service at Stevensburg Baptist Church and the Revival Service they have with Pastor Rick. Proclaim mighty moving of the Holy Spirit and claim open eyes and ears to the Word of God. Pray that many would be moved to come and join the Revival Services during the appointed period of three days. Ask the Lord to help us to be of help and that our presence could be used for the glory of our Lord Jesus.
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